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    Rigging! Share your ideas!

    Hello guys! Thanks for your replies! Unfortunatly I haven't taken any WIP-pictures. Should have done that! I used plasticard rods, brass rods, plasticard sheets, nylon string and super glue. Certainly, the scale is an issue. I have looked a lot on pictures of World War I battleships and in my opinion I think I have matched the scale of those pretty OK. The cables are of course too think, but after scavenging through my workplace and my girlfriends sewing box, it was the thinnest I could find. That is a fantastic idea! But how would it be possible?! Here is a picture that I used for scale reference. The mast in the middle of the ship is quite thick.
  2. Hello forum! I love the Dystopian Wars figures, but I feel that many of them can be made to look more dynamic with some rigging. I think some of you think so to, so let's share our projects! Here is my contribution:
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