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  1. yeah directorate "medical ships", squeezing the killed crew to create and feeding the new one... saving resources at 60% efficiency <insert very evil laugh, and rubbing hands directive here>
  2. let guess that only a bunch of specialized ships can get regular Focus Fire without spend Command Points: Destroyers Like some ships can get free Boarding without spend Command Points: Assault <Ship> . The issue here is how many ships would shoot with free focus fire.
  3. Focus fire could be ok, if it had a drawback, like the orders in the old BFG. Hell i preffer a whole order system with Pros/Cons that a Command Points one.
  4. or some mission like sink the Bismask, some damaged dread and escorts vs a med+light squadron trying to destroy it.
  5. the medusa hands down. I also loved the old directorate carrier model.
  6. the carrier with support carriers is a good choice a bit overpriced, but good amount of SRS, Toprs and cloak. Overall i find directorate fleet pretty balanced, maybe the tier 1 lacks firepower to face other tier 1, but hell we got the best tier 2 point wise.
  7. -1 hit or rerolls hits will do the magic.
  8. the basics are ok, movement, shooting and SRS, but other thing like cloaks, shunts and command points need a overhaul, especially command points. Could be changed to a order system like old BFG with faction specific orders?.
  9. i like the idea of new SRS replenish make carriers more attractive to play. So like in Taskforce SRS are like a flexible weapon system right?
  10. i belive there are SRSs with repair.
  11. i bet is a typo surely is a 5 or 6 normal dice. Or if explodes you roll again with a 5 or 6 you put one aditional marker never 2.
  12. Brits are all Torps and shields, russian are slow but once in range they crush you badly. Prussians are the average joe, they are pretty awesome in boardind cuz tesla weaponary and their generators have multiple uses.
  13. i dont like an starter with pathogen/saurian, i would prefer a more clasic aproach, like dindrenzi vs Terran. Both factions are pretty good looking models.
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