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  1. Did we get buffed or nerfed as a faction in general with 2.5? I have yet to play my first game of 2.5.
  2. Our new Sub is out with its stat card. What does everyone think about it?
  3. whats the deal now with deep diving and stratospheric flying models? No one has the rule (I just checked 80% of the unit cards) does that mean all large size and above can occupy this height band?
  4. Thanks for the replys! Was just wondering because I really enjoy this game and I'm hoping with a little bit of marketing at major events like gen con it can increase its player base and get the recognition it deserves! It's just a smal pond to cross
  5. Why dont you guys have a booth at Gencon 50 in Indianapolis, Indiana this year? Will anyone for Spartan Games be going? @Spartan Mike
  6. Yes... according to the rule book repair is a repair/friendly Boarding Action and all boarding actions ignore all defensive MARs and Generators
  7. If you have a carrier can you retask local air support to torps/dive bombers?
  8. You can't rearm/rebuild from stratospheric. SAS can never fly that high. You would have to move to ddown to a level where SAS can fly.
  9. Thank you! Anything else that was left out?
  10. Anyone see the page in the new rule book that states what a treacherous terrain test actually is? Like what do we roll? What do we need to pass/fail? What page #?
  11. Can we get some more pictures of it at least in the meantime? Lol
  12. Hello all! I used to play Dystopian wars a long time ago before the Russians even came out... Now I'm very rusty and looking to get back into the game. Was just wondering if anyone knew of any pretty active dystopian wars clubs/scenes in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area? Really looking forward to the new models and rules coming out this march and would love an active community to try them out and get back into the game with! Let me know! Thanks in advance!
  13. New Ruskie player here. What are your guys thoughts on our new models? Especially our new submarine. Any word on the stats/arms? Special rules? I usually play KOB but I'm thinking of switching over to dark side.... =D
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