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  1. @Jsiegel1983 Go to your Account on the Store and look at previous orders in the last 12 months your order for Corinthian Membership will be there. Then add the 3 free months.
  2. I emailed Despatch when I joined. Update went out tonight so you might receive it soon. If not Lizzie is great!
  3. Neil it's a joke about the DW Kickstarter and the fact it was the website cover banner from November until early this month despite the fact it closed in December
  4. Ok that's stunning, very cool! Can we get clarification on the Quarter rotation please? Is this two or three? If three do we get the gift for Quarter 2 as well making 3 gifts since the SS Dawn of Souls Quarter? Hate to say it as I am a massive DW fan and a strong supporter of Spartan in general but the gift selection, given the huge wait, is very disappointing. Once the Quarters are cleared up it looks like I'll be waiting for something I can't get for £13.60 anyway.
  5. Yes Neil It's what informed me of the Corinthian Club but since I joined I have seen and heard nothing about it
  6. So my break down of the Update; "By way of apology, choose two gifts for this quarter " so is that 1 for the missing quarter two and then 2 for the current quarter three? Or just the 2 we were owed anyway for the last 5 months? The free quarter is great. Seriously after this length of time we get to pick from old gifts recycled? Where is the Kickstarter exclusive model? So this was in March. Can we actually see it yet or is there actually no render let alone model? @Spartan Neil
  7. @Spartan Neil @Spartan Mike We really would appreciate something other than an offhand "we're working on it" as we've had that for the last 3 months. @Jsiegel1983 when you next place an order drop Lizzie at despatch an email explaining what you were missing and more than likely she'll add it to your package, always been amazing for me.
  8. @Spartan Neil @Spartan Mike Any chance of that update while the extended offer is still on? Also can we get a sneak peek of the Kickstarter Exclusive?
  9. If the offer is expanded until the Corinthian update is ready I'd definitely be looking at placing a good size order.
  10. Hi Is there a list of Discontinued Models? including mk1 / old style models? I mostly collect rather than play and am aiming in the long, long term to have full squadrons of each model. So what do I need to start looking for before it becomes unobtainable?
  11. @Zahariel The Bomb Shelter is pictured on the store. If you select the metzger it's shown on the second picture.
  12. So this was March. @Spartan Mike any news on that update?
  13. @Spartan Mike No problem Mike we all know you do everything you can.
  14. @Spartan Mike any chance of that update this weekend? Or a clue as to the Kickstarter Model as shipping has started? We're all dying for more resin! :-)
  15. @Spartan Mike Hi Mike any news on the new Quarter or the Kickstarter Exclusive? Been awhile since we have heard anything.
  16. I've heard rumours from Neil about Canadian Submarines... nothing solid though.
  17. I'll be making mine Public... once I figure out what I am going for.
  18. The Rules 2.0 book seems a point of contention for a lot of people so hears an idea. If it is a spare copy, Donate it to a less wealthy player or your local game shop to help spread the DW player base. If it is not a spare add it to your collection. Just an idea
  19. @Presidente I think the freebies stack until you order. You would have to check with a Spartan to confirm that previous quarters exclusives would still be available though as I'm new to the Corinthians.
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