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  1. Now that all models can do re-crewing boarding actions (and thus the Troop Reinforcement MAR has gone) the EotBS Komainu seems rather expensive as it's maintained it's previous cost of 50 and all of its other stats, but its previously special ability can now be done by any model. It really feels like it needs Combat Deployment adding to turn it into a true Garrison Tank.
  2. @Spartan Games Could someone please come and talk to us Corinthian Club folk? There have been a number of cryptic hints about what's going on with new items for the scheme on Facebook and Kickstarter, but it would really help if a brief statement about the state of the scheme could be sent out to members. Even if it's all gone a bit pear-shaped please just tell us; we're probably all aware of the issues you guys have had recently and I would suspect most of us will happily carry on waiting for new shiny things if you just start talking to us. P.S. Please can you clear up the issue about when the "quarters" actually change as its not clear at the moment (posting this info into the online store listing for the club membership would also be very sensible)?
  3. Even the new exclusive Corinthian Club model the SS Dawn of Souls is like this. These new models just don't sit as well with the older models in the range as they could do. Put any of them next to a ship with lots of prominent old style decking, like an Olympic troop transport, and they just look slightly inferior (despite having even better detailing and crispness in many other areas).
  4. Thanks for popping in Mike and letting us know that you're around and working on things. Any update on the Quarter 1 CC goodies given that it's now over a month into said quarter?
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