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  1. Wow that helps! Thanks. I see no boxed sets include these models? Hmmm... if only they werent so pricey individually
  2. I have 4 John Henry Robots and wanted to try these out but they are listed as "ATTACHMENT" with no squad size. How many do I get?
  3. Oh **** I just signed up for Corinthian Club and bought 100 quid worth of DW stuff from them... So I guess I'll see it in 3 months then?
  4. DW just doesn't seem to be popular that much in the US. I used to live in DC but I'm in NYC now. It's hard finding other Americans that play..
  5. Yes I plan on going and I would love to see a small Dystopian Wars tournament there. NOVA is probably the second largest mini gaming convention after Adepticon with over-the-top cheesy power list 40k nerds fighting it out with the priority on winning instead of giving both players a good time. Great place.
  6. Is sturginium a super strong lump of coal? So it works in like steam engines or is it liquid petroleum with like gas tanks?
  7. I can't find them anywhere. Has anyone ever tried using the Tripods from the back from the dead game "All Quiet on the Martian Front" in place of the Invader models? I guess Spartan has discontinued them? You can't even find them on their online store. If you use the AQOTMF tripods would they scale well with Dystopian Wars Ground models? Or would they be way too big since they are in 15mm scale.
  8. It doesn't work. I paid for the Corinthian Club through Paypal I think my account hasn't been linked up to my login. I don't get any discount. Spartan Games hasn't even bothered to e-mail me back after I sent an email.
  9. Gamematz their 6x4 is really expensive. Wow looks like unless its home-made or fabric gaming mats are expensive :/
  10. Make it so British ships blow up randomly from seemingly minor hits! As the womanizing mistress-loving reckless Beatty said "there's something wrong with our blood ships today!"
  11. Yes but don't they have a mousepad like plastic layer on the back of their mats? Making it really thick heavy and hard to fold?
  12. I signed up for the Corinthian club and bought the membership... but still haven't received an email or the 15% code. How many days did you guys wait? Do I have to contact SG myself to get the code after I purchase?
  13. Ugh darn.. what mats do you guys recommend? I'm looking at one from Cigar Box but it costs $70 + shipping. Since the USD to EUR and GBP is at an all time high maybe EU is cheaper
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