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  1. @Spartan Neil dropping that good info! There ya have it folks! Get those canucks and Templars ready for action! Going to be fun stuff! -Mike
  2. Yes indeed for fleet action too! -Mike
  3. They are coming! We are getting it all rolled out for you guys to get gaming and playing in 2.5... with some new ones coming soon (operation:northstar!) When we have all these preliminary ORBATS out, we can start the exciting process of getting all the awesome tooling and balanced polish applied to all the nations, with all the new bells and whistles that you have all been enthusiastically asking and recommending. -Mike
  4. @Ozysturn there is a lot of work that is going to be done to these amazing little devils from beyond our world. While I cannot yet comment on exact details, I can assure you that they will be getting some attention. Big Boss Neil has made it very clear that he wants to see them get a strong update in a variety of awesome and otherworldly ways! when I have something more solid to share, you can bet you will see some info get dropped in a blog or rampart posts! Cant ever forget about the little green men! -Mike
  5. @Gonmoa oh we certainly did! and personally, given the difference between the two vessels in form and function I am going to have to disagree! I still think I am a bit more terrified of the raw efficient power of the Raj HBB! The Egypt HBB is a scary bloated monster, but it performs its devastation in a very different way and comes with its own limitations... and nobody ever said the Raj were not going to get some new toys or updated stats in the future either! -Mike
  6. @Maccabeus @Gen. Eric as noted in another thread... dont worry about that generator bud... Or the ORBAT for you crazy Danes! This is a get ya by list. We have a lot of polish to get it balanced up right! @fracas with all the incredible new assets being built in this phase of the conflict I wouldn't rule out anything! Especially if Neil has his way with it all! -Mike
  7. Lemme see if we can get Neil a bit involved here... -Mike
  8. @Aurikon Going to do all I can for you folks! (Heck I want my Corinth club stuff too, so I am right there with you!) -Mike
  9. @firelord444I don't think they have been hamstrung at all! In fact, I would argue that they are sitting in a better place than most everyone else! Gimp? hardly! You did see that capabilities from the RoE Drones right? The Covenant players are up in arms at how impressive they are! (spoiler alert, the CoA ones are going to get thier errors fixed and will be working better in scope once the corrections are made). Drones are going to be better in most cases than an average human manned plane, but there has to be some limitations to that power! @Elessar Glad you are liking them. The vulnerability stings a bit, but its fragile new tech... they have not come close to mastering their energy powers like the CoA has! Expect more RoE goodness in the near future... This is only the dawn of this amazing new empire! -Mike
  10. My brain!... lol this topic seems to be a visual imprint of how most of my work conversations end up going in public! Lunacy! But since its the weekend and the good times are flowing! Here is a bit of STO spoiler love: The Scandinavian Teutonic Order form an elite brotherhood of warrior knights, dutifully trained in a highly martial tradition. As their role in the already zealous Prussian Empire being that of the Emporer's personal special forces, all Naval Vessels in the STO will have a degree of Sustained Assault. -Mike
  11. @hyde1352 A redesigned "Lexington" would be a spiritual replacement for the ship. Conceptually it would fill the roll of the ship with new tweaks and designs built into its stat sheet and more importantly, will have an updated design to match the improved aesthetics of the fleet! So yes to both! -Mike
  12. @Gen. Eric I think you got checked into the wrong thread... this is America bud! You are looking for the door marked "Madhouse for Crazy-Krauts" -Mike
  13. Wait till you see how those STO guys line up with this list! "Walks away quietly" -Mike
  14. @AurikonLol sub carrier for KoB? They are not evil folks! But I can think of some that are... Yes lots of dreaming going on here! ... BUT Lots of dreams seem to be rooted in sound reality yet though! Keep the mill churning. I am always watching and digesting! -Mike
  15. I'll make mention of it today with the bossman and see what can be worked out with the website and or blog. Lemme sniff around a bit. -Mike
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