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  1. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    Done! 10 hours of painting for 2000 pts...I'm happy with the result. Still need some static grass. https://community.warcradle.com/gallery/image/10069-20180127_230615jpg/ I'll try to make better pic next time;)
  2. OliJ


    Speedpainting By Oli
  3. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    2000pts 1 core : 1 desolator,3 retaliator,5 informer,2×2 trojan 1 full Rsn assault helix 3 logistic No infantry ....mmmm never play without them.Kind of scary Yeah the terran are really nice! What are you planning for your alliance?
  4. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    Got lucky on ebay An epic lot of Aquan and directorate. It's the second Aquan army i made and i don't plan to sell those fish this time. The multi player game as been reported mid february but i got a game this sunday with a friend ...so that's the new deadline. I meen i just need 3 sweeper and i don't want to buy a box for the rest.I rather spend money for another project...like Terran. Thanks
  5. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    Hello Ok the project is still going but i got distracted by a core helix of Aquan....done! The directorate part of the 2000pts is complete ! Next is the RSN space police. Got plan to pimp that list to 2500pts and add some patriot with converted sweeper;) Because a 60 can$ box for 3 sweeper =no way. https://photos.app.goo.gl/y5sSvyswJCinENaW2
  6. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    They look great! Those retaliator... My favorite "Tank" design in planetfall. I probably go for a darker tone for the Rsn or classic rsn blue + same green as the rest.
  7. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    Green and grey! Do you have pic of those ?I'm curious;) Maybe a dark grey with a Delvan mud wash for my RSN will look good!?
  8. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    Working super fast https://photos.app.goo.gl/y5sSvyswJCinENaW2 The core helix will be finish very soon
  9. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    We gonna play a 2vs2 2000pts per player at the end of the month and i'll surprise my gaming group with a fully painted army:) In PIP: A Desolator 2 more informer 1 retaliator 2 more trojan 2 objective marker A complete RSN Helix!
  10. OliJ

    OliJ Speed painting Inc

    Just started some Directorate with a limited color palete. Static grass still missing.Any suggestion?;) https://photos.app.goo.gl/y5sSvyswJCinENaW2
  11. OliJ

    New to Planetfall

    Good unit!Good paint job!
  12. OliJ

    What will new PF bring us?

    Some scenario could be a good start. The game is great .We just need more option to tailor ours army;). Some helix need more distinctive ability from faction to faction...exemple all assault helix! FLAVOR and originiality please. Daydreaming maybe
  13. OliJ

    Introduce Yourself

    Yeah everything is back! My name Oli from Canada I was playing Dystopian wars but in rage sold everything ...yeah I'm like that.No more Russian. I'm a dedicated Planetfall player now and i enjoy my CEO status a lot Maybe Armada will come next.All hope si in Warcradle hands.
  14. OliJ

    Russian dinner plate ;)

    I want mine ! Grrrrr so unfair Paint it paint it paint it!

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