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  1. I have no problem with it at 1250, but 750, not so much...
  2. Dreads are a classic case of not many eggs in a basket, but one BIG EGG in a basket. Harder to crack, but when humpty dumpty falls....
  3. I know, @Zahariel, I haven't got my stuff yet. But I am filling the time by beating Candy Crush Saga. About 120 levels to the finish line! (until they add more levels )
  4. Can't wait to see your entry in the contest, @FSAHoops
  5. I noticed that too, i've just kept the 2.0 rules for that.
  6. If you're in Somerset, couldn't you just walk over to the office and pick it up?
  7. Did you post your Icemaiden on FB group? If so I would say you're currently in the lead...as the only 2.5 fully painted model.
  8. I've been thinking about upping the prize to a 2.5 box of the winner's choice and perhaps adding 2nd place prize for the Metzger. Thoughts?
  9. Now that some of you are starting to get your 2.5 models, i'm hopping to see them painted soon. Still waiting on mine, but it could be any day. <Fingers crossed>
  10. Another time then. I would like to have a crack at your CF.
  11. Like I said, you need law degree to play this game correctly. lol
  12. I will be going to Guardian Games this Sunday, the 20th, to play @RepubliqueOfLasers some DW. We will be in the Critical Sip part of the shop (21+only ). Feel free to come down and say hi or watch or play. I will be bringing an extra 6x4 ocean mat if anybody else wants to throw down.
  13. That makes more sense then. I'll concede the point, unless Spartan says otherwise.
  14. Then why does that sentence "If they are not at the same Height Level, use whichever ‘To Hit’ value ismost beneficial for the Target" exist? The first part is what is throwing me, I would like an official ruling on this then. Can you help @Spartan Mike?
  15. I moderate blow. Rugged removes successes after they have been rolled. Really any removal of defensive tech on a small weakens it. The changes to the ZMD came right after I finished assembling it, so my CF will sit on the shelf for a while.
  16. pg. 67 Section A1; (Title) "'To Hit' Numbers and Dice Modifiers... ...."Unless otherwise stated, ‘To Hit’ Numbers begin by needing a 4+ rolled on a die ‘To Hit’ using the Exploding Dice Mechanic. ‘To Hit’ Numbers can also be referred to as a ‘target number’, especially when it is referring to a roll not related directly to combat. So, for example if a player is firing at a target without modifiers, any dice roll would be commonly classed to as causing a successful Hit on a 4, 5, or 6." pg. 127 Section C4; subsection 2a "2a: Determine the Basic ‘To Hit’ Value The Basic ‘To Hit’ value depends on the Height Level the Target or Firer is occupying. If they are not at the same Height Level, use whichever ‘To Hit’ value is most beneficial for the Target." ====================================== It would seem that if they are at the same height level, then you are not using the most beneficial 'To Hit' for the Target. Do you use the standard 4+(Red) to hit? Why would this sentence be here if it is automatically negated as you say? I believe that that this table on pg 127 is if both models are NOT on the same height level. So, firing TO or FROM Stratospheric to any OTHER height band would be a 6(Red). Does my position make sense? @Erloas
  17. @Erloas, where does it say in the book the wording that supports your claim of, say needing 6 (red) for stratospheric to hit stratospheric? It still says that if they are NOT at the same Height Band, use the most beneficial to hit for the target. I don't see anything which indicates you take an inherent penalty shooting at a target at the same height band as your model, say strato vs strato. Why would they specify if they aren't at the same height? If I'm 500 feet behind you on the ground or stratospheric, I'm still just 500 feet away. Shooting up or down, yes you have a lower to-hit, but not straight across. Please show me in the book where I am wrong.
  18. Good grief, you need a law degree to play this game. Lol
  19. *Tactical Tip: Don't let FSA shoot at you, it hurts.
  20. Thanks @Brother Glacius for the slugfest with your mighty FSA. I had a lot of fun today, hopefully we can playou again soon. As for the rest of you captains, I hope to see you soon too at Guardian Games for my Sunday Yacht Club.
  21. That faction guide seems to be an older one I've come across. It seems to be missing swathes of info and seems very generic. It's a good starting point, it covers a few bases.
  22. That does sound like the most logical way to rule it. And, that's how I would play it in my games, until an official ruling is out.
  23. I know this was a whole ago, but I thought I would throw this out there as I have seen it played multiple ways. "The Basic ‘To Hit’ value depends on the Height Level the Target or Firer is occupying. If they are not at the same Height Level, use whichever ‘To Hit’ value is most beneficial for the Target." - Pg 127, Section C-4, 2a. If you shoot at a target on the same height lvl, you have no penalty on your 'to-hit' number. You may still have bonuses and penalties that are applied after a base to-hit is determined. These could be from hunter MAR, cloud generator, small target MAR, etc. Hope this helps clear up some confusion.
  24. Looks like my EotBS opponent had to pull out of our game due to family matters. I have a table reserved on Sunday, anybody want to play me?
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