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  1. are the 3D renders for the Conquistatdores far off? I noticed they are all on last chance to buy now.... I honestly can't wait, which is why I've just bought the whole range in resin XD but I'm looking forward to getting crew from the Havoc Cannon and seeing the new mounted characters
  2. Little question here, something I've noticed. When you mount a face or boss with wrangler on an iron horse or interceptor, they lose quick and the dead, gain mounted trait and either sure foot or rapid but it doesn't say they gain the machine trait.... Am I missing something? As by my count that means they couldn't move and fire heavy weapons like normal bikers can... Any ideas? Also the hard to hit and moving target rules dissappear between the two....
  3. I've found nothing to suggest otherwise. As I see it, all ranges and LOS is taken from any part of the vehicles base for all. Abilities... Though my experience is limited
  4. Being dismounted by failing a grit check is part of the wrangler rule. Don't have it, your dead.
  5. When a mounted wrangler fails its first grit check and reverts back to the unmounted version does it regain Quick and the Dead if it lost it due to mounting? I ask as it appears that losing it is intended to prevent using g the q8 to save your bike and it says that you lose all associated rules once dismounted. Cheers.
  6. Hey all Southampton Sluggaz is a massive wargames community with over 600 (nearly 7) members meeting on Fridays from 6pm until 11pm at St Denys Community Centre Southampton. There are many DW and FSA players with at least 2 tables a week exploding dice First visit is free, £3 thereafter or £2 for members (£10 annually with discounts for events and local retailers) https://m.facebook.com/groups/266544056780588?ref=homescreenbrowser
  7. Gents! I've always been a one fleet kind of guy but after a frivolous, drunken splurge I now have to hide my new mistress, the CoA from my other fleet XD My first 1250 points of penguins got painted in just two sittings (unheard of for me) and I can't wait to use it. It's what's you see pictured wysiwyg (dread carrier SAS upgraded). I'm looking for some advise on how to best employ these beasties? I get the aristotle (energy turrets) and gunships are good for circumventing the outer extremities of the theatre making use of their consistent RB4 output. The dread carrier, battle cruiser, cruisers and frigates look like they want to keep submerged, piling straight forward, firing torpedoes until surfacing, opening up in RB1/2 @LL guns blazing... At first glance anyway. Am I misreading/getting anything wrong in that assumption?
  8. Just to touch on the attachment options for a Canda monitor... What do you lot think about an attached merchantman Q-ship with fore and aft turrets? It would be nice to supplement the Canda broadsides for a bit more oompf and can obscure it's profile with a medium Hull. Terrible idea? Or no
  9. Done! Absolute blinder that was down to the wire (might need 5 minutes to process :))
  10. I forgot all about that XD I had to watch it back and it even made me chortle a bit. That was such a fun game. Almost done editing
  11. Hey guys, I've made a good number of bat reps so far but they've been confined to my mates on YouTube thus far. I've played since V1 albeit with a 3 year hiatus in between. Here's my batreps to date... And im editing an absolute blinder this evening:
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