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  1. Hey Derek, -Will there be new Ships in 3.Edition Starter Fleets? -Will the new Ship clasifications have affects to the composition of 3.Edition Starter Fleets? -Which Factions will be included in the 3.Edition Two-Player Starter Set? (please Terran vs. Dindrenzi)
  2. I doubt it, but it would be cool when we could see with the 3.0 Edition of the Game new Starter Fleets & and a 2-Player Set (please Terran vs. Dindrenzi) with plastic Ships and Stat Cards.
  3. I still wonder what this "dead Game" is...
  4. I wanna thank Spartan Games for their fast response on my packaging issues. I sent last Monday a mail with my packaging issues, got a fast respnse by LIzzie and Today the replacement parts were already here. Thank you!
  5. Gotterdammerung is still in proceed?
  6. I don't understand such people. When I like to play a Game (and/or it's Universe) why should I quit a game because there are no new releases?
  7. When Common Sense would have a high score, your post would be a #1! Thanks for this.
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