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  1. I've only played one game so far, with the old starter box (Aristotle, 3x Plato, 9x Diogenes, 2x Ptolmy) This is the initial 1000 point force I'm thinking about: 205 Aristotle w/ Energy Turrets 120 Hippasus 100 4x Diogenes 75 3x Diogenes 100 5x Thales 20 Galen attached to Aristotle 380 Coeus Did I make any mistakes with list legality? Any advice, observations, or obvious holes? What about dropping the Thales and the Galen for a second Hippasus? I think wavelurking Hippasus can fire their torpedoes under energy portals without effect. Or dropping 3x Diogenes and the Galen for a Kepler for more aircraft? General idea for the list was to go with the Coeus, then use the wavelurking Hippasus to make energy portals to partially block return fire. Aristotle is there to help provide long range alpha to knock dice off things that can threaten the big ships, as well as provide a second particle lance they need to evade. The small ships are there to benefit from the Guardian Generator if possible, and be a plan B use case for the teleport generator. Galen is there for mine detonation duty or trying to block LOS to the wavelurking Aristotle's mid-point.
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