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  1. Lex Orion

    More info on 3.0 imminent?

    No news are bad for any company. This state takes to my friend and me to DW 2.5 and the classics (Spartan´s) ships and scenery. We are looking for ships and scenery for 2.5. 3.0 is far to us now. We are spending a lot of money now. Hard to know if we will get 3.0 ships...
  2. Lex Orion

    Warcradle Classics?

    Hi all, I have seen more "New" items for DW and FA last friday in Wayland. This seems that they (Warcradle) will make all the items. I speculate..., because they don´t tell us nothing... sad. Anyway, I continue shopping in the second hand market, for the still missing items. No news, money for the second hand and no money for warcradle... sad again.
  3. Lex Orion


    Hola a todos: Bueno, parece que esto está bastante parado en nuestro país. Pero aún quedamos algunos irreductibles que disfrutamos de este fantástico juego; lejos de los juegos mayoritarios. Es un poco triste ver cómo, teniendo tanta variedad, unas miniaturas de diseño tan espectacular y detallado y un buen reglamento, no cuaja. Un amigo y yo jugamos desde hace algo más de 3 años y tenemos 2 flotas cada uno; a la espera de poder comprar algunas naves más para completarlas y añadir aún más riqueza y variedad a nuestras listas. ¡A ver si os animáis y difrutáis como nosotros de este fantástico juego!
  4. Lex Orion

    Warcradle Classics?

    Hi admirals!, I play Firestorm Armada, but I am very interested in this fascinating game. I love his aesthetic and background, and I want to acquire one fleet (at least). My questions are: Will Warcradle make all the classics? Many ships are missing now and it is impossible to get a good fleet. Unless the second hand market. Is it proper to wait to the new ships? I am expectant to the new rules, but the 2.5 rules are so interesting. If I decide to play the 2.5, will be better the classic ships (because of their stats)? Waiting for your help.
  5. Lex Orion

    Model availability

    It would be good to have some news. I am waiting for the stock of some Soylian ships (usually, I only buy items if they are in stock). But, most important for me is to know if some ships that I want, like the Dindrenzi Praetorian battleship, Sorylian Harvester Warwolf gunship, etc. will be available. If I can wait, or I try to find them in other ways. And my beloved Tarakians! Warcradle: Will you realise them? Waiting for news!!! Edited - Sorylian Warwolf gunship I wanted to write.
  6. Lex Orion

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all, I read you from time to time, but now it is time to take part in this forum! I am from Spain and I play Firestorm Armada from 3 years ago. I am the fortunate owner of both Dindrenzi and Sorylian fleets. I want to complete these fleets and I am thinking about the Relthoza and Tarakians. I love the Tarakians design and I hope that Warcradle work on them. I will be a sure buyer! See you!!!

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