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  1. I am not agree with the firs phrase as I explained before. KS was a killer or they were dying and Ks bakers were not enough to resurrect them? I hope to get my purchased and not received ships and more old ships.
  2. I understand your point of view and it is fair. Your company, your rules. Equally, old players can be in disagreement about your policy and explain it. Perhaps some old players (like me) are frustrated because the end of Spartan and the difficulty to get some old ships and because we were excited when you got the rights of Spartan´s DW and FA and we trust that you would continue their legacy.
  3. I understand that it is not easy to know how to take the best way for the success of a game or a company.... but to buy the rights of a good miniatures game and change it (rules and models) is a big risk. If it is a success for you, I am happy for you. But I want the old ships and their design. Perhaps, it would have been good to continue the Spartan´s legacy and promote the game to try new players. You have old players who want to complete their fleets and, probably, another old fleets. And, surely, the old players would try to gain more new players and sales for you. Perhaps you have low sells of old ships because the old players and some new players are not sure to be able to complete the fleets because there are not all the ships in the shop. I have purchased a lot of DW ships in Wayland on October 1, 2019 and I am still waiting many of them. Also, they send me some wrong ships (I ordered 6 Russian Veliky Escorts and they sent me 6 Novgorod Frigates) and I am still waiting a response (more than one month later). I want to purchase more ships, but I am still waiting news and solutions. I desire the best for you, and the satisfaction of old and new players. If we can to complete our fleets, even to get more (whole) fleets, sure, we were very happy. It will be good for you, it isn´t?
  4. Exactly. Constructive criticism is very good for Human Being and for Companies (they are built for persons). Persons and companies need other points of view to grow, or we can stay in self-complaisance and then, we can collapse...
  5. Agree. Spartan´s rules were very good and ships and scenery were amazing. I am from Spain and I am sure that a good support from the company (like rules and books translated) were very good to expand the game. Spartan Games did not translate the rules and books, and here in Spain it is a problem. Many gamers do not buy games without translation. Anyway, me and my friend (and others), play English games and want a lot of Spartan´s DW and FA ships and scenery.
  6. Me too. I share your sentiment. I am in the same situation.
  7. That´s what they allow us to believe, sadly
  8. I have asked to the warcraddle´s support and Wayland and nobody gives me a clear answer, if it gives the answer. They made a mistake in a shipment and they (Wayland in this case) don´t give me a solution, just silence.
  9. I went to the support and they remits me to: " our social media pages "
  10. I will be happy if I get to complete my FA and DW fleet.
  11. You are right, technology allows to increase the detail of the models. Spartan's designs improved over time. I see a lot of work in the Warcradle´s new models. I value that, but it is so much baroque for me. A more sober work can be good. Look at these models at the end of Saprtan (I think they are simply perfect):
  12. I think like you. A friend and me are collecting FA and DW and we want to complete our fleets. I think we are not the only ones. If they produce the missing items, those are sales for Warcradle and satisfied customers who may be excited about the company and will want to continue with the new ships that are produced.
  13. It is an amazing fleet. I like that paint scheme. Congratulations!
  14. I join this request. Fortunately I bought some items before they disappeared. But I'm also interested in others that I couldn't buy at the time, since I didn't see them in the usual sections that I used to look at.
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