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  1. Could someone link to the printable cards please ?
  2. Hi. Almost by accident I find myself in possession of a "Deadly Seven" Posse box and a pair robotic hounds. I know things are in flux at the moment, so how do I go forward with the game from here ? Thanks, Pete
  3. There is one in Southampton on the 29th Jan. Details on the DW forum.
  4. I'm just hoping we get the stats so I can use my one on Sunday ....
  5. Ok, thanks. Since collecting mine yesterday I have magnetised the superstructure and all 8 turrets, and it's now primed and ready to paint. If the full stats are out by Friday, one version will see action next weekend.
  6. So what is the metal single turret ? Please my ignorance here I'm a very new p!ayer
  7. Which version gets the option for the Tesla turret ?
  8. Thanks for the reply, just one more. Am I right that Local SAS cannot be reorganized or replaced ? TIA.
  9. Finally mine are ready for collection. I quite fancy giving one a try next weekend, so I hope those stats come early next week. Please ..
  10. Hi. Where and when are the local SAS deployed ? Can they go in the forward deployment area ? Can thery be delayed like other units ? TIA Pete
  11. Ok thanks. Local air support. Will that be used as we!l ?
  12. Is there a way to get this without having to open a Dropbox account ?
  13. Hi. Just want to confirm this. Payment goes to Southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com - Yes ? Pete
  14. Ok, thanks. Just the information I needed.
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