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  1. New player here. I was wondering if SRS are a must have. Do you need SRS and Carriers? Or can you get by without them?
  2. Thank you all, you have given me a lot to think about. Maybe I'll drop the carrier and switch things about a bit. I'm also going to work on a few Terran lists and see how that works out. I'll post in the appropriate section. It has a lot more choices. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. I like the Terrans also, so maybe they would be a better choice for a beginner? Certainly more tools in the toolbox. ( a lot more choices of ships)
  4. Im considering a pure Hawker fleet. Either Hawker or Terrans. No allies. Rough 800, 1000, 1200 point lists. I havent decided on upgrades. Two boxes (Excelsior battleship, 3 Resolute cruisers, 4 Endeavor frigates) 1 box (Regent carrier, 3 Stalwart escorts) 800 points Excelsior Battleship 170 3 Resolute cruisers 180 2 Resolute cruisers 120 4 Endeavor frigates 140 4 Endeavor Frigates 140 750 total 50 left for upgrades 1000 points Excelsior Battleship 170 Regent carrier 130 2 Resolute cruisers 120 - as escort for carrier 3 Resolute cruisers 180 4 Endeavor frigates 140 4 Endeavor frigates 140 880 total 120 left for upgrades 1200 Excelsior Battleship 170 Excelsior Battleship 170 Regent carrier 130 2 Resolute cruisers 120 - as escort for carrier 3 Resolute cruisers 180 4 Endeavor frigates 140 4 Endeavor frigates 140 1050 total 150 left for upgrades Any thoughts or advice? Upgrades? Changes? I didnt include any Stalwart escorts because i dont see they will be much use other than some PD. The cruisers can add firepower . Not a wide range of models available for Hawker, so Im not sure. perhaps Terrans are better. Many more choices for sure.
  5. So they are all good then? I'm just debating on to buy the box set or not.
  6. Are the Harpoon, Perseus and Wayfarer models in the Terran Alliance Reinforcement set? I would guess - 3 Cruisers (Harpoon or Perseus) and 6 light frigates (wayfarer). Are the ships in the Planetfall set usable in a normal game and are they any good? Solar carrier, Horizon cruiser, Nadir frigate. Im making my shopping list. Thanks for the help.
  7. Is there a post with some basics on the RSN? Some basic tactics and run- down on the different types of ships, the factions strength/ weakness? I've been looking, but haven't seen much. Thanks.
  8. Maybe one day they will expand Hawker like they did with RSN. The three factions I like the looks of the most are Terran, Hawker, and RSN.
  9. I like Hawker, but prefer to play "pure" fleets. Is Hawker a viable faction on its own? It doesn't have the selection that RSN has.
  10. Hmmm...still alot of stuff "out of stock", many new sets not even listed, but they have some old models. Thanks though. Maybe Ebay, or ordering direct. With the British pound being down, its like a discount. Im in Allentown, PA by the way.
  11. This is an awesome thread. Is it still up to date for the 2016 rules? Has much changed?
  12. Im going to have to get a few ships and try it out myself. Im trying to find someone in the USA who carries FSA online, for a discount. Warstore has it, but limited supplies. Does anyone know if all the Terrans are now Resins? Any metals? Thanks for the help everyone.
  13. I thinks i'll just stick with the Terrans for now. They have a much larger choice of available models, and i prefer to start with a "pure" fleet. Maybe expand to allies later. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate it.
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