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  1. darkprodigy

    Infantry Upgrades

    Thanks for the detailed response! So if I'm understanding right the upgrade bases are in essence swapped for a regular base? Or I guess attached in a 1:1 ratio as a buff to that base. I guess what doesn't make sense to me now is the box for the infantry upgrades states you get enough to fully upgrade 3 cadres. Given it comes with 9 guns 9 sweepers and 3 officers I was under the impression there was a way to fit all 7 upgrades in but it sounds like you can't is that correct?
  2. darkprodigy

    Infantry Upgrades

    Hello all, new here and starting a sorylian army. Can someone help me get my head around infantry upgrades? If I'm understanding correctly a squad of 3 light infantry bases can be upgraded with 3 sweeper teams, 3 gun bases and an officer, for a total of 10 bases. Are the extra bases functional in the game? Or are they just visual upgrades for the squad? How about if I take a squad of 6? It seems my infantry come in size 3 or 6 but then I'm not sure how the upgrades apply to the unit as a whole. There is a note saying upgraded bases count as bulky (2), but does that mean each base can only take one upgrade? Sorry for the confusing post but I'm at a loss for how to build this part of my army! thanks
  3. darkprodigy

    Army Building Questions

    Hello everyone! Starting up a new army for planetfall to play with some friends who are just getting into this, and I've decided to jump into a Sorylian army. So far I've purchased a number of helixes and as I learn the rules and plan my forces I've run into a few questions I can't seem to find easy answers to. 1. Sorylian Ground Command Helix - Although I gather this doesn't play any real role in the rules, the base included in this box for the war chief seems to have come with both heavy and light infantry models to slot in. The pdf online with the rules shows the warchief with heavy guys, but the pics on the webstore of the helix shows up with the light guys. Does it matter which I use? -Similarly, this kit seems to have come with a spare turret that looks like the turret for the core heavy walker - do I need to hold on to this for any particular reason? Or can I magnetize it to swap the gun on my heavy armour helix walker and run him as a core dude if needed? 2. Veydreth allied helix -This box comes with 2 medium skiffs and 8 light skiffs. It seems to me the rules allow me to take only 1 medium with the 8 light skiffs - am I allowed to purchase the second medium skiff in the same recon helix? I see that I can probably double up on the recon helix and do 1:4 in each, but then that locks me out of my aerial helix and I didn't want to do that. Am I understanding this incorrectly? Or can "attachment" vehicles always be added when desired? Thanks, I'm sure ill have more questions as my remaining stuff arrives and I get used to all this!

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