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  1. do you still play firestorm armada in firestorm games?

    1. Beef


      yes regularly but have not played any spartan games in there sadly mainly just 9th age and kings of war and board games

    2. Beef


      would like to change this with any players who would be able to turn up for a game or 2

  2. Firestorm Games (Cardiff) Trade Street Penarth Road Cardiff CF10 5DT United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 2920 227117 stock level high organised play no username Beef I am a player from Cardiff, south Wales, UK
  3. I live in Cardiff and play in firestorm games and am looking for firestorm players 

    1. Gizmo164


      Hi i live in barry and am also looking for people who play spartan games stuff :) what games do you play ? and where do you play culb or home etc? also nice to meet you :D 

  4. I have been struggling to find players to play only one of my regular gaming group has shown interest in playing armada and he has very little time to dedicte to gaming in general A few more may make the plunge into planetfall but that we will have to see if that happens. I was wondering if anyone still plays firestorm armada near cardiff and would fancy a game
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