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  1. mark1e

    Terran Easy Cammo

    Thanks That's right. Old Space Marine Epic buildings managed to survive somehow
  2. mark1e

    Terran Easy Cammo

    Decals are Flames of War Vietnam set (numbers on gunship wings, Batman symbol on the transport, coat of arms on transport middle, transport numbers), or Bolt Action German helmet decals (black small stuff on heavy infantry robots). Small black ones are supper-fiddly. At least I found some use for leftover decals. Robots on the transport are magnetized. Can anyone recognize where the buildings are coming from?
  3. mark1e

    Terran Easy Cammo

    Finished Aerial Assault Helix. ups I mean it's Aerial Ground Attack. Hmm, but the big flyer is going to do aerial assault with 10 inf bases it carreis, two smaller ones can do some ground attack, oh well...
  4. mark1e

    Terran Easy Cammo

    Adding some Terran heavy infantry, Huscarls. Like terran infantry they have yellowish cammo, with brown weapons, red details and reddish wash. Kind of fits into the desert environment. One advantage of magnetizing tank turrets is you can rotate them
  5. Awesome armies WestAussie. It's always great to see how others paint the same miniatures. I'm totally impressed by the models and also kudos on the nice scenery. I picked up some Dropzone buildings too, thinking they'd be a good fit for Planetfall. Keep up the great work!
  6. Regretfully the cards don't print all that well on paper. If you want them to have a size of playing cards then small print gets very hard to read. Maybe my color printer is not the best, but I think it's the combination of colors and fonts. Suggestion: it would be awesome to have a properly sized A4 containing several cards with the good resolution for printing. Suggestion 2: cards are readable on a phone, so I've given up on the paper and copied mine on the phone.
  7. Some closeups. Arbiter command vehicle: Deadlock heavy infantry: Assault Robots: Works Raptor scout tanks:
  8. Everything painted and based so far: full core helix, command helix, Works Raptor recon helix, plus ground attack aerial helix base-coated in the background.
  9. Closeup of Deadlock hospitality troup.
  10. Decided to magnetize the drones on arbiter. 3 color grey scheme on drones backfired and you can see only two greys. Deadlock heavy infantry got few lines on the head. Got to take a better picture in proper light.
  11. Thanks. Btw. I was trying to upload more, but apparently the forum won't allow me any more uploads. Do you guys upload somewhere else and only link here?
  12. Here's my Directorate core tank force.
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