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  1. You have to do a lot of math with either system: 1) add together the cost and adons for each ship 2) multiply it to get the point costs for the squadron 3) keep the running total or deduct the cost from the MFV 4) and now the difrence: if you have spare points for the class you can add a new squardon or in the 2nd edition if you have a free slot you can add a further squadron. sounds complicated? But if just take your old fleetlist and check if they stay legal, I did it with 5 lists and 4 are legal, Even my T3 Heay terrans 1x Tyrant with (Shield Projector, -1 Turn Limit, 2 Interceptor and 1 support Shuttles) (235p) 3x Teuton Cruiser (Beam Weapon, Weapon Shield, +1 Shield, Aegis) (245p) 6x Wayfarer (120p) 4x Missionaries (100p) 4x Missionaries (100p) are perfectly legal.
  2. Hi Folks! I really do not see your problems with the new system and smaller games. Example: 450 points: large and massive 45-270p 1 Battleship aprox 180-200p medium 45-270p 3 Cruiser aprox 165-195p small 45-180p aprox 70-105p for 3 fregates Different fleets will fill the slots in different ways, I think some flleets will feel the 40% small restriction more than other, but overall it seemsto be a sound way to resolve the fleet building.
  3. I would prefer to dropthe damage Chart and get something like the damage Transfer used in PF - youwouls have to give the ships PF damage Ratings for their hulls of course
  4. Nice report, and gratulation to the traders, the fleet is cool and it seems it is battle worthy also.
  5. And don't Forget, that all SRS must RTB when the carrier is disordered. So a disorderd Carrier may not Launch any SRS (or itcan Launch them, but they RTB asap).
  6. I would like the good old V1 Version to shoot at Torps (eg hit on 5+) and only heavy dice mechanic. The SRS problem: I've played some fighter heavy carrier recently and they are OK to stop bombers in their track. But I would like to see changes like the folowing: - Attack runs happen in the shortest possible way (speeding up the game and allow fighter to block Bomber) - All PD fire ist pooled using the linked fire option. # Only 1 use of PD per aktivation It would be great to see more Scenarios. atm the scenarios are ok but apart from Recover resources and Ambush! there is only a slight BL impact.
  7. It's on Page 14 next to the torpedo cruiser entry.
  8. All distances are measured from flight peg to flight peg.
  9. Yes, but when you take 2 Aeagis to accomp a carrier it might be a good idea to give one of them +2'' cmd to shield an apollo for example.
  10. Some weeks ago we tried the Chess Clock game in our gaming group (1 h for 800 Points and 6 turns, defence Actions Count against the Player using it) and it was great fun - and nobody run out of time. I think that everybody knows that there is a time Limit and will build the fleet with clockmanagement in mind.
  11. @Botticelli: Thank you, that the answerwe searched for. Sadly they say that an effect ist removed or ignorde, so the question with the repairing support shuttles is still to be answered.
  12. In a friendly game I would Play 'no shield no shielding' but given a tounament game I would Play RAW and raw you need the shield to be active when you Play the TAC, onceplayed the effect stays in Play, because there is no ruling that it wouls end, when you loose your shields (and come active again when your Support Shuttles repair the shield overload).
  13. The darkened silver creates a real cool look, I think I will have to try something like that with my Drenzy.
  14. The Battle for Valhalla is the starting box I used. You get the Tyrant and a nice Battle Station, it's a good starting point.
  15. I owned an old TA Patrol fleet, but never played them. I started to play TA with the Dindrenzi vs Terran Battlebox and bought a carrier group, aegis shield cruiser and the frigate and escort box later. This gives me plenty options to build fleets up to 1200 points. When you know somebody willing to play the dindrenzi, the battle box is a great starting point - I really like the story and the campaign is fun to play and good to learn/relearn the rules. If you're talking about the Task Force box - hm I'm not sure, if they are a good starting point.
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