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  1. It's going to be a 1000pts. This list he used was 800 but he'll be using the same plus something extra
  2. Hey Lizards. Back again with a question? how do we smash these space Antler Wookies? My Opponent fields 2 Carriers both with Cruisers escorts full Cruiser group Covetters and a group of Endeavours. Now the problem i'm having is, just getting in a decent range to fire my decent broadside, i'm almost always getting out gunned. Their High PD negates early torps. They seem to broadside just as good as me? and have wings to boot, but worst of all often field more units than I do. how would you guys face them?
  3. Odal

    Painting Sorylians

    Take pictures once you're done?
  4. Odal

    Painting Sorylians

    Hmmm, how'd you feel about a dark blue? Yeah, you've got blue light's, but the transition might be more forgiving. Or you could add weathering. It might give them more dimension?
  5. Odal

    Painting Sorylians

    I'd use personally use another purple that's slightly brighter( or the same purple assuming you've washed the whole model) to on panels themselves. It would raise them a little or pinwashing into the panel lines themselves. Looking good. Love the lighting.
  6. Unfortunately not yet, work has consumed up all of our time. I'll be uploading a report on here about the outcome once it's done.
  7. My Battleplan was to outfit the majority of my fleet to be packed up with hp and high PD, hide out from kenetic view. Lob torps at his usually neglected and vulnerable smalls while at a full stop. Wait for the movement of his ships then target the ones on the outside of his fleet. The solar would be shielded and hp'd with a single aegis. I'd also accompany him with a hauberk group to really deal the damage. Target it the rear arc (assuming he's forgotten the mines he usually does) of the dreadnought or if he's running it the praetorian. The bulk of the fleet will be the horizon cruisers with hp and shields, teutons with the same to draw in the fire. Harpoons with shields and spook to use up his much needed pd. A tyrant with pd and interceptors ( to cover my smalls) and marshals. However. It might be worth going around it differently. Converting hauberks back into teutons, with the same as above. Use the marshals and two frigate groups as my shunt attack. Leaving me with three tough spongey tier 2 units in my core. Thoughts ?
  8. I will do, the games not due for a week or so yet. I've been meaning to upload pictures for a while, I usually take a picture of all of my games. It always tells me that my pictures take up are over a certain memory on here. How do you guys deal with that?
  9. Thanks for the list Commodore. It's going to be a great help. Terran reinforcements came today. I now own a solar carrier. Would you recommend adding it in? Or even just using it as a regular carrier?
  10. Theres a reason for this choice. Teutons with aegis, HP and beams comes at a cozy 245 points. By denying certain upgrades I can field an extra frigate group. 260 for a group of squishy 4/6 crusiers isnt great.
  11. I'll be going against The dindrenzi one. And this list is just what I'd usually take in a more point tight game. Weapon shielding is usually added once I have the spare points
  12. I don't unfortunately. Entirely Terran at the moment. :/
  13. Here's what I'm definitely including in my list Tyrant. Wings, PD, - turn- 230 Marshalls- sector shields- 270 Teutons with shield cruiser, beams and HP - 245 Teutons with shield cruiser, beams and HP or Hauberks Armsmens - 120 Armsmens- 120 This is my bread and butter, but what could I add to this terran sandwich. I don't own any aquans. But I do have sorylians.
  14. My fear is its going to require such a large amount of my attention to deal with that I wont be able to combat the other issues as well. He's going to hammer me early game. This much is predictable. Dr 7 means I'd have to link-fire alot to even tickle him. at 2000 points . even as big as it is. He'll still be bringing other Dindrenzi beasts. Plus this will be my biggest game to date. I'm not entirely sure how different the game will play.
  15. Greetings Admiral's. In my previous posts I've admitted that I've struggled to make the most of our ships and win many games. My theme of bad luck seems to be coming to an end with a series of victory's mostly thanks to our more meager ships the Teuton(with shield cruisers. Thank you for that pointer guys) and the Armsmen. Hiding the first round, then using Tacs to maneuver in-between the enemy fleet and then following up with lots of multi-directional volleys chipping away at them. Here's my Problem. We're going to be playing a 2000 point game soon and I'm going to be facing a combination of RSN and Dindrenzi. My friend usually fields a very top heavy list usually with heavy cruisers and a Praetorian. This next game however is going to include a ship I've never fought before, A Dreadnought named the Hydra of Rense. My fleet has never manged to kill off his Praetorian so i'm a little nervous about facing off against this massive beast without anything of equal strength. My Terran collection currently is 1 Tyrant 2 Marshals 3 Teutons 3 Teutons or hauberks 3 Destroyers 3 Shield cruisers 3 light cruisers/harpoons 12 Wayfarers 12 Armsmen 8 Missionarys and hopefully soon I'll be adding the Charter fleet to my collection. This will be the biggest game I've played using my Terrans I suspect his list will include his Dreadnought, a pair of battlecruisers and his heavy's. So to you more experienced Vets, what could I build or do to help in the upcoming battle. Any advice?
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