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  1. I've mostly finished my Veydreth recon helix today, I'm still contemplating what other colours I can put on there. But I think the neon glow and purple shadows work well so far. I also painted up an objective token of a flare and finished another piece of terrain for my table at home. Cheers guys.
  2. Having the option to buy indvidual models/squadrons would be great, as previously mentioned. Have rules for destructable buildings, I'm sure future construction techniques and materials are great but there's only so many missiles/orbital bombardments a building can take before its structural integrity fails. Allow for each core race to have a unique type of infantry they can field. Like the Aquans having a full squadron of fish cavalry, the Sorylians actually having more beefy unique heavy infantry or the Dindrenzi getting jump pack infantry. Also more transport options for all the core races, not just for infantry but light/medium vehicles. I would love to see a Sorylian heavy dropship that could skydrop in with heavy infantry or jet bikes. Or even if infantry could disembark from there recon vehicles?
  3. @alamo Thanks mate, will try and put up some more battle reports soon. I've got my own Sorylian Core helix, Assault helix and Veydreth helix that I'm itching to do a game with.
  4. @fracas It is one of my clubs one, not actually to sure where it came from sorry. @Skyhawk Thanks mate, will try and do more battlereports soon.
  5. A while back I did a quick 600pts to teach a mate how to play and this is the Battle Report on it, Enjoy. The objective was to capture and hold the 5 scattered tokens around the map. In the squadrons movement phase they would move withim 6" and make a command roll to see if they successfully captured the objective. at the end of turn 4 the fleet that held the most objectives was the winner. We also played it so that you could capture your opponents objectives as well. Directorate forces.(My opponent, "Tdog")Battleship2 R&D Cruisers2 Gunships4 frigates Sorylian forces (My fleet)Battleship2 Heavy cruisers3 frigates3 frigates (with a proxied Aquan frigate) End of Turn 1,All the Directorate forces deployed.All the Sorylian forces but the battleship deployed.Sorylians capture 2 objectives One frigate squadron take cover in the gas cloud and capture an objective.The other squadron Move up capture an objective and shoot down one of the Directorates frigates. The Directorate battleship moves up and fires on the Sorylian Heavy cruisers with its Cyberwarefare weaponry shutting down the space ships engines. It also fired its torpedoes and did a point of damage to the same ship. End of Turn 2The Sorylian battleship makes a shunt entry to the battlefield, right behind the opposing battleship.Sorylians and Directorate hold 2 objectives each. The Sorylian Battleship fires into the rear arc of the opposing battleship, Causing a point of damage, luckily Georges shield roll mitigated some of the damage. Unfortunately for him, the battleships torpedoes cause another point of damage. And the heavy cruisers move up and cause another point of damage to the ship aswell. The Frigates on both side duke it out over the objective. The Directorate Gunships fire on one othe frigate squadrons vaporising one of the ships instantaneously. End of Turn 3.The Directorate frigates swoop in and momentarily steal a Sorylian objective, but are shot down with the objective being recaptured.Sorylians and Directorate hold 2 objectives each. The battleships continue to fire at each other, unfotunatley georges shield rolls were pretty bad and he took more damge, He did manage to shut down more systems of the battleship with its cyberwarefare weaponry.The Sorylian cruisers move to the centre of the fight and open up port, starboard and fo'rd weapon systems doing damage all round.They wipe out the remainding frigates, destroy the wounded battleship, but fail to damage the gunships.The gunships return fire but only manage to put a point of damage on the already damaged cruiser. Halfway through turn 4.The Sorylian battleship moves up and captures a Directorate objective whilst fireing on both the directorate cruisers causing more damage.The Directorate Gunships swiftly move in, retake the objective and blow and large chunk out of the Battleship.The cruisers move up fireing they're weapons nearly destroying an opposing cruisers. The squadron to activate are the Sorylian frigates, with their speed they swoop in and make a successful capture roll on the objective and secure a Sorylian Victory.It was a good game, Tdog unfortunately made some horrible shield rolls for his battleship, which cost him the ship just after a few turns.Ultimatly it came down to a dice roll to determine if it was a sorylian victory or a draw. If Tdogs frigates had gotten past my fleet they would have been able to capture my objectives in the rear of the map. Thanks for reading guys.
  6. This game happened last week. I didn't actually get to play but was more than happy teaching the guys from my club how to play. They were using my Proteus Prime models in the game. So Directorate core helix vs Aquan core helix. Hopefully next week I will get a game in with my Sorylians. We didn't use TACs or all the MARs just so the guys I was teaching didn't get flooded with rules. And the planetfall trackers were set to 30.... which I realise now in hindsight that it was way to high. Start of the 1st turn.Lots of units not having a clear shot and moving up the hill in the centre of the Battlefield, where the middle objective is.The Directorate APC deploys its infantry onto the first objective in the directorate deployment zone guaranteeing points first turn. The Aquan light skimmers race up to the objective as does the Heavy skimmer which holds infantry. They pile out and pile right back into the objective building entrenching them selves fo the fight to come. The Aquans laser a dropsite to call in a missile battery installment behind a small forrest. Although they don't have any targets yet, they lie in wait for the turns to come. The Directorate Main Battle tanks and recon buggys move around the flank of the hill. And the Directorate Cyberwarefare tanks line up for an attack against the Aquan Heavy skimmer, damaging its systems and causing a disorder marker. Halfway through turn 2. The Directorate Heavy Tank and Aquan Heavy open fire on each other doing.... absolutely nothing to each other surprisingly. The Directorate tanks advance on the entrenched infantry in the centre and initate close quarters battle(CQB) which causes losses on each side, as the infantry put on a valiant defence. The Directorate tanks also put a damage into the side armour of the Heavy Skimmer. The missile Batterys open up on one of these tanks causing a point of damage to it. The Cyberwarefare tanks attack the Aquan skimmers causing another disorder marker and disable its onboard systems. End of Turn 2.The Aquan Infantry initaite another CQB with the tanks, unfortunatley for them they ran out of fervor with the dice gods and were obliterated. They were quickly avenged by the Aquan light skimmers who swooped around and destroyed the damaged tanks. The Aquans call down there second drop asset of crystal pylons. These allow the Aquan skimmers to fire there beam weapons at the crystals and then redirect the attack from the crystal. (i.e shoot around corners)Just out of view of this pictres the Aquan medium skimmers move up and take a shot at one the cyberwarefare tanks obliterating it in one fell swoop.End of turn two, the Aquans only just have the lead. Start of turn 3. The Directorate buggys charged into the centre obliterating the remaining Aquan skimmers , then opened up with main ordanance on the flank armour of the Heavy skimmer taking it out of the game! The Directorate Infantry pile into their APC and move flat out towards the distance objective. The Directorate heavy tank rumbles forward to the cluster**** that is the centre of the battlefield. The remaining cyberwarefare tank exits cover and attacks the medium skimmer squadron trying to stall their advance, but to no avail as they move up and obliterate it with there beam weapons. Start of turn 4.The Aquan medium skimmer squadron move up for a CQB engagement with the recon buggys destroying one. They then use the crystals in the centre of the map and hit the Directorate APC on its side armour blowing it up! The Infantry bail out of their flaming wreck of a transport and move into the non-objective building in the centre.The missile batterys were able to fire at the directorate heavy tank scored a luck two points of damage on it. The Heavy tank quickly retreats to cover as it is down to only a single point of health.The recon buggys swoop around to the rear of the Aquan medium skimmer squadron and fire on there rear armour damaging one of the tanks. End of turn 4.The centre of the map where no one is safe.The Directorate only just hold there point lead. Turn 5.The battle is drawing to a slow close with the Directorate infantry entrenched in the objective building. This starts a countdown to victory as the Directorate will win in 3 turns if they hold it for that long.The infantry aim there heavy rifles at the crystals trying to replicate the Aquan trick, but instead shatter the crystal scoring an extra point for them.The Aquans medium skimmers move back and fire upon the infantry but fail to take any out.The missile battery manages to get a shot off on them and take out an infantry base.The Directorate Heavy tank contemplates its life choices and continues its retreat to safety. Turn 6 and 7.The Aquans now desperate to score points charge the infantry starting a CQB with them, with both sides taking casualties.The wounded Heavy tank moved into cover to protect itself but moved out in turn 7 to bravely fight the Directorate hunting party.The Aquans skimmers activate again, now only at half strength and fire upon the wounded tank putting it out of its misery. A very close Aquan Victory. I forgot to take a note on the planetfall trackers each turn but the scores were very close, I think the end planetfall trackers were; Aquans: - 2 and Directoreate: 1 Thanks for reading guys.
  7. As did I. As a Sorylian Collective player I am very interested to find out how the Sorylian fluff has changed since it was originally intertwined with that of the old Saurians. I remember reading the "Return to Proteus Prime" Blog post where the 3 Anciant races are mentioned (Aquan, Tarrakian and Sorylian). But the Sorylians aren't given any lore at all, nothing, zilch nada. I hope the Collective isn't being forgotten about I also hope the Tarrakians will be getting some more models as I have there patrol fleet as well and would like to expand upon it with something other than another patrol fleet.
  8. Outstanding work @Spartan_FA_Mike, your work in the forums have given myself and many others faith in the Spartan games again.
  9. Welp. I've backed it. I'm super excited to get my hands on the Saurians, their ships looks seriously mean! Hopefully this is backed enough to see all the core races patrol fleets. The most recent Sorylian models I have (The reinforcement group) are really stunning models and the ability to swap the versions of the cruiser/gunship parts is so amazing! I know a certain company that would expect you to buy two boxsets for the that ability....... I hope the new core races have this similar option, to swap vessel components out to make up different ship designations/classes. This is excellent value for money and is just a neat idea!
  10. @WestAustralian thanks mate, I'll probably start on the Veydreth when I find the right diameter magnets for the two hover tanks with turrets. @Voyager Cheers, hopefully will be getting in some games this weekend or next. @tansalus Thanks man, I'll have to get the Terquai and Works Raptor Helixs to add to the set. @alamo Thanks mate, I think smaug is impartial to both sides. Although he does like to climb and the Aquan hover tanks are taller....
  11. @WestAustralian Thanks mate! The terrain seems to be only suitable for tanks I think. @alamo Thanks mate I've done it, I have finally finished the "Battle for Proteus prime boxset" including the objective tokens. The Aquan and Directorate Infantry bases are finished now and all based, might be adding some more detail to them later, but for now I am happy with them as they are. Thanks guys, this is a bit of a photo spam. probably won't be doing much planetfall painting for a while but I do have the Veydreth helix around here some where.......
  12. @alamo , @WestAustralian Thanks guys. I've recently finished the Fortified Positions Spartan Scenics terrain set. I think they're a little to big for planetfall but they're close enough I guess. You'll see what I mean in the photos with Sorlyian light/heavy infantry and directorate tanks on the terrain for scale. cheers
  13. It has been a while since I have posted in here as I have not been doing much Armada painting. But I have been working on a mod that I have been thinking about for a while and finally started doing. I have always liked the Sorylian Dreadnought, But I only recently got it because it was large enough to actually fit this customisation. Basically there is a fibre optic plastic tube going through the centre of the vessel with a red laser at the end of it, with all the port and starboard scatter guns drilled out it will create a call weapons firing look. Hopefully I will get it fully made up in the next few weeks. Cheers.
  14. It would be nice to see some other specialist SRS, like torpedo bombers. Something that can chase down a fleeing vessel far away and engage with short range torps to avoid being shot down itself. I am really keen to see what the new SRS tokens are gonna look like as well!
  15. @Skyhawk hopefully later today I will put up some pictures of what I am doing to my Sorylian Dreadnought, I'm doing some heavy mods to it involving LASERS!
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