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  1. I live in Ottawa, Canada and I buy directly from Spartan Games. That way I can get exactly what I want and if there is a bad cast or part missing then they ship it to you. I'm so tired of dealing with third parties. Also the exchange is pretty good for us canucks currently. Also I know then that Spartan is getting the money directly and not some reseller.
  2. Feser One

    Thought on KS new units

    это ловушка! It is a trap! стрелять пушки! потопить врага! Fire the cannon! Sink the enemy! The Pakhtusov is a very beautiful model. I ordered two. I'm going to build one of each and with the spare parts I'm got plans for them too. That mark II version has a really nice central command exhaust vent structure and I want to use it to replace the the regular command structure on my Moskva. It'll give my dreadnought a more commanding presence. I could also possibly use it on a Kursk.
  3. Feser One

    Thought on KS new units

    стрелять пушки потопить врага
  4. Feser One

    Conversion Help

    Perfect. Thanks for your help.
  5. Feser One

    Conversion Help

    I need to know the diameter of the "Republique of France Turret Mount (Drop-on)" thanks F1
  6. Feser One

    Corinthian Club Chat!

    I just noticed on my order confirmation too that my free gift is not showing up on the invoice. I do remember entering the code and it did come up as Dystopian Wars Fortifications to be specified by member. I can see in the comments box which nation I specified. I haven't received my shipment yet but I'll keep you informed.

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