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  1. My 3 colour dice approach made Red fdice actually uncommon. Blue is the most common by far, but certain fleets get certain dice to be red or black as standard. For example, my redo of hte Sorylian fleet, their scatter weapns roll black dice. But a cruiser throws 12 of them out of each broadside To better representnthe fact that they throw a lot of flak out for weapons, they get Red PD, and obviously they got Red AP. Their torpedoes used to lose 2 dice at RB1. Now I just shift them from Blue to Black dice. It's made a huge difference in how fleets work. Like Terrans are some of the only Red shields, and other fleets taht have less advanced shields might carry Blue ones, or those that are still getting it all figured out might just carry a whole pile of Black shields. As to the idea of proprietary dice...ugh. Hard pass for me thanks. I've got reams of dice as is, and have little interest in having ot use a specific set for a specific thing and nowhere else.
  2. My group took a ground up approach to ship designs, and we fully embraced the 3 colour dice mechanics, adn it's made thigns play very differently, and been a blast.
  3. This kind of thing may work well in your area, but in mine it certainly does not. We've gone through a number of games that are just raw rules without backgrounds and they all wind up shelved after a month or two. We look at the factions for something that appeals to us about their character, and then suit the play style around that, not the other way around. If you decide that you'd rather change things narratively, go for it! If you decide that Sorylians are no longer lizard people but cybernetic Beetle people pursuing the path to ascending into energy beings, go for it! But the fact remains that a good setting will make or break a game. Hell, people didn't dive headfirst into Battlefleet Gothic because of the rules and ability to manufacture odd alliances. They wanted in to play in the universe, to be in the lore of it all. If someone wants to alter thigns in their local group, more power to them, rock on, enjoy it. The fact remains, a lot of people DON'T. So if you want the game to be appealing to mroe than a small niche, you need a strong setting. The idea of the heated cold war sounds...offputting to say the least. The fact that Firestorm was a full scale fleet action was always a huge draw to me and my area. Deniable actions don't sound much like something that a battleship and it's accompanying attendants would be a part of. The game was an ongoing WAR, not an ongoing pissing contest with occasional shots fired. I'd kind of like to maintain that.
  4. Ugh, so yeah, pretty much sounds like we're going to get a boiled down generic free-for-all setting just like practically EVERY OTHER setting that's out there. There's not much real sense in a 6+ way free for all fight anyhow, since it just encourages a deadlock. You can't commit to a full offensive against any one power without stripping off the defenses to keep the other powers at bay. SOme people might have found 2 overall alliances with mercs inthe middle to be a bit small in count but it made SENSE. If the two biggest powers on the block are starting to slug it out, you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines the whole time, in case when they're done they come knocking on your door wondering why you weren't therte to help them out.
  5. Yep, the original forums, some old documents that you had to dig on the website to find, some of the old blogs posts...scattered far and wide. But crunchy when you found it.
  6. Nothing wrong with going rag-tag, I like 'em too! But there should be enough options that you can make a fleet that isn't just taking everythign available, adn still only having 4-5 classes of ship on the field. I cna see a lot of minor races maybe not getting access to Dreadnaught scale vessels, only having 2-3 class of medium and smalls, enough to sink your teeth into, but not enough to, as you say, give everyone everything.
  7. You know, I don't actually disagree with you. Because the fluff is so scattered, if you're not a long standing FA Grognard, it's very likely that there's vast swathes of information that there was just no way to know. So I don't dislike the idea of consolidating thigns, making, as you said, a soft reboot of things, or at least a proper consolidation of them.
  8. Well, part of the reasont hat it was always a drop in, was that Planetfall was always supposed to be just that, the inital invasion of a world. Spartan had planned to do THREE ground games! (Anyone surprised? Anyone at all...?) with Planetfall being hte most epic in scale. There was supposed to be a 15mm one for the other battles, sweeping in to more fortified areas, but more spread out, adn a 28mm versionb for squad level stuff, like a Special Ops kind of deal.
  9. You're not going back far enough Fracas. In V1 Saurians weren't part of hte Sorylians, that was a relatively new development, they used to just be a completely different race. Like I've said, there was plenty of fluff out there, it was just hard to find.
  10. Leviathans have been hinted at since V1, though from the sounds of it they were closer to coming up with more workable ideas in the last edition. The problem always was that they would be either rather underwhelming as a ship, or prove to be too much of a dominating force. Last I'd heard they were looking at each arc (Fore aft and each side) being it's own quadrant and tracking damage seperately, very much like BFG Ramilles Star Forts. I would love to see the minor factions getting full fleets, making them each a viable option to play. AT that point you'd likiely see a lot more Alliance and League based fleets. I know if there was just a little more variety, I'd be all up in the Xelocians.
  11. I still remember when the Manta first came out in V1, and was easily one of hte most powerful ships in the game. Before dreadnaughts, it could face down your battleships and throw enough wings at you to drown most other fleets. Ah, good times.
  12. I'm actually of the opinion that the Overseers should just be culled out. It came out of left field, felt really tacked on, and just didn't seem to fit with the rest of hte established background, to the point that thigns were getting retconned to accomodate them. I mean, if the Saurians are working for them, why would they trade shield technology tot he Terrans? Why would they leve functional FTL gates all over the place? I was enjoying the universe in it's form, when there was an "Ancient Dominant Threat" getting ready for return. I mean, there were vague hints that somthing like that might be coming, what wuth teh Tarakians establishing their Fortress Worlds, adn waiting for some super threat that hadn't shown up. Still, if it was going to be done, I liked the concept and hint that it was another race that was coming from an other galaxy, pursuing hte Tarakians for some reason. Not just an extra dimension bad guy.
  13. I managed to score my third Templar ight when they went out of production, so that was a victory adn a half for me, especially once they made the new 'heavy' cruisers. Love to see them make a come back. ANd I can gree to see the Indomitable actually show up.
  14. Faction based objectives aren't a bad idea! Let's also be fair here Stoo, Malifaux is a steampunk skirmish game, it was going to be a licence to print money right out the gate. The fact that it's a solid game (I've two armies myself!) is only part of the reeason it's done as well as it has. I mean, just random spitballing of a couple faction objectives could be: Directorate: Successfully board enemy admiral's ship (Capturing intelligence/tech) Terrans: Deploy a FTL Beacon token in your deployment zone. gain additional victory point for having no enemy models within 4" (Terrans have historically had the best FTL navigation system/communications through the SAtellite netowrk, so they need to maintain that) Only two I came up with in a few minutes, but is this kind of thing you were talking about Stoo?
  15. The biggest problem with the fluff isn't the volume of it. It is there, and there is a lot of it. The problem was availability. It was widespread, scattered, and often got removed from the Spartan site. Also retconned once or twice. In V1 the Razrthorne was the newest, most cutting edge battleship the Terrans had made, with a turret that fired torpedoes instead of coil guns, but did so at such a high rate of fire the PD was useless against it. V2 it was an aging warhorse that had been in service since Jesus was in the 3rd grade. I did listen to Warcradle's outlook, and I have to say I'm disappointed in it. Turnign everything into a general furball with everyone fighting everyone seems...well, kind of lazy. Lumping all like groups into one section feels very generic, so does dissolving everything into a general brawl. To me Firestorm always felt kind of interesting because it was two large blocs with subgroups within it hammering away at once another, with some wild cards in the mix. Turning the galaxy from drawn up battle lines to a bar brawl feels like a big step back towards safe generic sci-fi
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