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  1. The Rense System Navy- they have an excellent reason to exist as they are, elite xenophobic and dangerous to all life in the galaxy. Ships wise- the aesthetic is brilliant, sleek and predatory. Couple this with the technological superiority to the regular Dindrenzi armada, and I feel they are the ideal force for me in the game. Looking forward to seeing how the fiction/ universe develops, but I certainly hope I get to scream "Remember Dramos!" at people as I board their capital ships
  2. Agreed, love this game and the scale- hope to support warcradle products soon.
  3. Heya Folks! I am soon to grab some Scandinavian Tuetonic Forces, was curious for the land war side of things what you'd recommend. Typically going to be playing around 1000-1500 pts, ground primary. Cheers!
  4. Howdy folks! Christoph here! I play Dystopian Wars, and soon- Armored Clash once it is re-released. I'm brand new to playing it- and whilst the land war scale change is happening in the future, I'm busy painting up some Covenant of Antarctica, as well as some Scandinavian Tuetonic Order to play with a few mates. I'm a gamer of many systems and I was quite struck with the structure and rules mechanics of the game- as well as the setting (which I will be honest, I initially dismissed a year or more ago). I'm located in Victoria BC, Canada. I've currently got some Covenant of Antarctica that I am gunning to paint up over the new year- and then dive into the giant stompy robots. My favorite Model is either the Atticus medium walker, or the Shiltrager medium Robot. I'm stoked to see the IP, and the game have new life breathed into it- and will be an avid participant for campaigns as they come up.
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