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  1. @Spartan Mike Any news on the ORBAT?
  2. Gymn

    Official Thread: Chinese Federation

    How much of a blow do you all generally think the loss of rugged construction on our smalls is?
  3. Gymn

    Very dissapointed

    As a note on the Prince squadron: it does have 16 AP with 8 of them being elite. Not bad as a late game boarders descending out of the sky! Of course this is after saturating the ocean with 20AD mines that can be blown up whenever we want do to magnetic mines (or whatever it's called now)!
  4. Gymn

    The Vanguard, Can It Be Made To Work?

    That's good to here I'm glad the Vanguard are at least somewhat effective as a boarder. That is my intended use but I don't really get a chance to play.
  5. Gymn

    (Robot)Man Of Steel!

    Canada is a British dominion, not FSA. I wonder if I need to get a Canadian force to get this or if I can run it with a British force.
  6. Gymn

    My Thoughts On Rc Navy.

    with four cruisers you can get 28 ap. i know their conscripts but still. it begs mentioning.
  7. Gymn

    Brunel Versus Ablative Armour

    I kinda want to see how the brunel squares up against land dread. I know its less points but still.
  8. Gymn

    Hawk Scouts - Do You Like Them?

    I've wondered. Does that include dropping the mine within 1" or just directly on top.
  9. Gymn

    Megazine Explosion!

    I had my first magazine explosion in my first activation of a land battle. It wiped out a war gyro before it achieved any damage against me.
  10. Gymn

    Dealing With The Kob

    None of the KoB stuff has Rb1 Torpedoes.
  11. Gymn

    Subs For Everyone?

    I do like the Idea of the British getting some sort of massive mobile fortress or a bulldog robot. I also thought that, in keeping with the bird theme for the Hawk and eagle, you could have a small flying robot bird with Rb1 fore guns and the pack hunter for a assaults (forgot the name). That was before the freedom came out though.
  12. Gymn

    Subs For Everyone?

    I too wish that the British had a giant robot but I also have trouble of thinking of what that would be like for the British. It just doesn't seem right for them. "We don't need robots! Send the Landship!"
  13. Gymn

    Bombs, And The Changes To Them.

    I think the 4" should be measured from the post and for the two post models maybe the line between the posts.
  14. Gymn

    Air Armada

    I think he is referring to the fact that our air units (except the Merlin) lack air-to-air firepower.
  15. Gymn

    All Hail The Ika!

    I for one am glad that, as a KoB player, my club has no Ikas. My dread already feels vulnerable enough against the CoA dread.

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