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  1. Well according to the old 2nd ed to hardback errata the pillager lost elite crew and and became crew 8. So I'd assume the rulebook is correct and the card is a typo.
  2. Personally I always assumed they were part of the engines, like some sort of feed mechanism for the boilers, but I don't think we were ever given specifics about that part.
  3. To answer your question, yes you lose AD from all weapon systems regardless of target(s) So in your example you would subtract the -2 from both the fore guns and the rockets. Hope that helps.
  4. Which one, the original with the pewter dragons or the later one with the stamp? The original one with pewter dragons is about 32mm, slightly larger than a warmahordes small base. Never got the newer carrier, so can't help you there.
  5. Here are the beta rules we got, lmk if the link doesn't work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxWbzLFzD-tjSzJ6QzgtYkhoRmM/view?usp=sharing
  6. Nope, in fact I'm kinda amused how spartan is doing basically the same thing that killed UcS and we still have people declaring the past doesn't matter.
  7. IIRC you can turn immediately, as long as you move at least 2" a turn (unless you drop anchor ofc) ; and yes you can use all available dice against a single target.
  8. Iron Dwarves These guys I'm really unsure on, their relaunch ships were mostly just clean ups of their older ships so I'm going with best guess on some of em. Pre CAD only Both Mortis Frigate Chisel Destroyer Hammer Cruiser Belcher Submarine Kraken Submarine Anvil Heavy Cruiser Chainmail Flagship Forge Battleship CAD only Armoury Troop Carrier (?) Piston Ram Cruiser Bellows Airship(?) Guardian Citadel Foundry Heavy Cruiser Thaniras Elves Pre CAD only War Dragon Both Raven Frigate/Destroyer/Assault Ship Crow Destroyer Cobra Cruiser Viper Cruiser Griffon Heavy Cruiser Phoenix Battleship Chimera Flagship CAD only Thunderbird Stormship I believe that's everyone, If I made any mistakes I apologize. And good luck finishing off your collection .
  9. Sorry Its taken me so long to get back to ya, but afaik your shroud mage list is correct. gonna give the other factions a go and maybe if anyone sees something off they'll speak up, if any other UcS players are still around at least . Bone Griffons Pre CAD only Withered Griffon (maybe? I don't actually remember when this guy came out originally) Both Orcus Frigate Banshee/Sea Wraith Cruiser Pestilence Cruiser Phantom Destroyer Despoiler Heavy Cruiser Plague/Reaper Battleship Nightmare Flagship CAD only Reanimator Troop Transport Imperial Humans Pre CAD only None Both Falcon Frigate Albatross Troop/Cargo Ship Martyr Frigate Kestrel Destroyer Hawk Cruiser Vulture Heavy Cruiser Eagle Battleship Kingfisher Heavy Cruiser Condor Flagship CAD only Harrier Balloon Elemental Sloop
  10. I don't have a big Orc fleet and some of the ships trip me up at times so I may get some of these wrong (apologies if I do). And sorry about the CAD thing, I got so used to describing them like that I did it out of habit . Orc Raiders Only Pre-CAD Models; none Both Versions; Warcroc Frigate Ravager Cruiser Pillager Assault Cruiser Prowler Battleship Impaler Destroyer Carnage Heavy Cruiser Hunter Battlecruiser Slaughter Flagship Only CAD Models; Crusher War Tower Massacre Troll Ship (unsure on this one, I think it first came out in the relaunch starter and don't remember an older one but...?) Pounder War Tower Pyre Frigate
  11. I can give you Dragon Lords pretty easily as they were my primary fleet, I can look up the others but it'll take me some time as I'm less familiar with them. Dragon Lords Only Pre-CAD models; Elder Dragon Nogdra Dragons (arguable, received tokens as replacements with CAD Eyrie) Models in both versions; Sunset Frigate Shadow Cruiser Twilight Heavy Cruiser Moonbeam Destroyer Celestial Cruiser (Note the updated model, one copy, was only available in the battle fleet box set because reasons) Nightshade Battleship Eyrie Dragon Carrier Midnight Flagship Only CAD Models; Invoker Cruiser Arcane Cruiser
  12. You have shown little (if any) ability to deal with opinions contrary to your own and are quick to resort to mockery or outright insults when people have the audacity to not fall in line with your white Knighting, and even when you don't your responses to criticism often come across as condescending when they aren't just outright dismissals. Unless you plan on "growing up" (to paraphrase your insult) and developing a thick enough skin to deal with criticism and said contrary opinions with a least a modicum of professionalism that would be a bad move on spartan's part. Well considering how you responded to me being snarky my last post this should be fun, maybe this time you can make IRL threats . and yes I a little mad.
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