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  1. Thanks @Nazduruk_Bugzappa bit frustrating as most of my CoA that have the painter generators are squadron of 1
  2. I ha r a question regarding Target painter generators. Could someone clarify for me regarding Target painter generators. Is it only the weapons from the squadron that have activated and used the generator that get the bonus or does it benefit all squadrons in range with the named weapon type in the parenthesis that benefit for the turn
  3. I've now played 3 games with my 2.5 rules. CoA won 1 lost 2. I was destroyed by French torps and heat lances Americans was just a rocket bombardment (the guy really likes rockest) The only win was by luck against America
  4. I'm getting really excited.....i have all but acquired all the land units and have got all the air recently and looking forward to using them..... Is there any tid bit towards the drone launcher on top of the Sky fortress for 2.5?
  5. I thinks it's primarily favoured for naval battle due to so many land force games out there. I have all 3 theatres and regularly play all of them but but learned Navy first
  6. Interesting though having a core nation of mercs
  7. The LoC are out and out mercs in it for the cash and will ally with the biggest spenders.
  8. I've ordered 1. Will try it first I will more than likely be up against either Prussians Americans or EotBS tho
  9. I like the Idea of the Egyptians the rendering was cracking. I hope to see the other renderings too. I wonder is it going to be a fleet made completely from Hovercraft? Will make it interesting for going into land battles. Surely that would mean if they WERE all hovercraft they would be able to move from land to sea and vice versa as long as there was a shoreline. Is their going to be an Egyptian air force also?
  10. Promethius- Antarctic Flame Callimacus Orbs - attalus and livius Diophantus- Chortasmenos Aristotle- Stagira Ptolemy squadron - Claudius Ptolemaeus Cleomedes squadron- Epidausus Hippasus- Metapontum Platos squadron - parmenides Thales - Anaximenes Diogenes squadrons- Corinth, Cynicism, Hicesius and Sinop More been added but are yet unnamed
  11. It's an evening club on a Wednesday what time are the last trains
  12. Hi Multi Jack I play CoA at a local gaming club in West Calder along with a few Prussian players American Russian and EotBS and Britanian if you were interested in traveling to play
  13. Just getting caught up with the thread. Can't wait to get mine to add to my fleet..I have always avoided boarding mainly due to mostly playing against either Prussians or Americans.....I think it will be a good way to at least try until opponents figure out how to counter it
  14. I only intent to use in games where either it has been agreed to be able to use it or against opponents who also have one. I used it against the KoB a few weeks ago where it was ignored I used it mostly on his air force (only thing I don't have for CoA yet). This game ended when their dreadnought had a sturginium flair into a land mass.... Other than that it was a good game
  15. can't wait to see it painted up. very well done
  16. Thanks for the info I appreciate the direction Thamoz
  17. Recently (christmas) I received a Coeus as a gift from my kids. I have not had a chance to use it yet has anyone any good tips on a best way to do this (and do I require my opponents permission to use it)
  18. I personally like the idea of a full sub option also. As to how it plays......well it's a wait and see
  19. Well......the list went fine it was my dice rolls that let me down
  20. Thanks I'll give it a try. I appreciate the help. I may have been playing a year and a half but I only get about 1 game a month. So technically I've only had about 18 games.
  21. Thanks. They tend to be quite well balanced. Looking more to try and fit in a well balanced fleet but think I'm quite medium heavy most of the time
  22. Thanks. I admit I do like my kepler and tend to attach them to myAristotles I haven't much looked at Airforce I have now completed navy now having every ship in the fleet and have started on land forces (have played a few mixed land and sea games now) With Airforce what is better to avoid? My biggest bane at the moment is prussians (3 players at my club have them) and getting round them (rugged construction) that and my opponents play clever in trying to force my hand in what I target)
  23. Usual tactics are to try and whittle the forces down with minimal damage back. Issue I'm having is mostly steaming from set up...and my positioning I sadly to say have a greater loss than win ratio recently. I usually take 1 large and bulk out med and small, if dreads are being fielded they'd be on both sides the only reason I have 2 if I inherited 1 from another member of my club.
  24. Right folks opinions please. I have in my Naval fleet: Promethius x2, Diophantus x1, Aristotle x2, Pericles x1, Hippasus x1, Fresnel x3, Zeno x4, Cleomedes x3, Kepler x2, Plato's x3, Plutarch x9, Diogenes x13, Thales x5 and Galen x9, Callimacus Orbs x2 In my Airforce: SAS bases x44, Ptolemy x5 (never used before) Land Forces: Archimedes x1, Atticus x6, Socrates x3, Xenophon X10 What in your opinions would be best against EotBS in 1000pts game? Only asking as everything is have tried keeps failing And what should be next on my to buy list
  25. Thank I'll give it a bash some time and let u know how it goes
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