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  1. La Durance I'll store other images in my RoF gallery here.
  2. Doc

    Doc's RoF

    Pictures of my Republique of France force.
  3. That looks very interesting, can't wait to see it painted up. Cool marker!
  4. Well what paint you like to use is a very subjective question lol. I use P3 and Foundry mostly at the moment. Although Vallejo model air has been used a lot on my most recent painting project, because I am using an airbrush (or learning to) and they don't really need thinning for use with it like the others do.
  5. Excellent work. I really like what you have done there. I am tempted to do that for my Vauban which was a good casting. Please post pictures of it painted, when you have finished it.
  6. The local air support is independent of what models are in the fleet. So yes 5 tokens in a local air support wing is allowed.
  7. Course 2. As you only roll one die for each corrosion marker. On 1-3 remove the marker. On 4-6 lose 1 hull point and keep the marker on the model.
  8. We also don't know the model cost or turret arcs yet either (do we?). I will be surprised if we can get 3 lancettes on one target.
  9. It may be a misprint, but the box comes with 4x TFTs apparently. Have a close look at La Rochelle (just aft of the broadside turrets) to see why.
  10. Love the ice breaker... https://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWRC48
  11. Whoop! Looks awesome... https://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWRF48
  12. The battleship is excellent! Looks like a glass domed stone citadel sat on a floating wooden ship of the line. Something quite different to look at, although the ottoman fleet begs for a different scheme to most other fleets.
  13. Wow, i missed this thread. Very nice work, I really like the colour choice. The Italian models look excellent.
  14. I really like this fleet. I can understand a desire to move away from the more usual grey look. Even though I have just started painting my RoF with grey being the base colour lol. I guess I just didn't put enough imagination into my colour scheme. You have made a unique, very cohesive fleet that looks very striking. Good effort! If I ever do a Prussian fleet I am going to steal your lightning idea. That's really cool. Oh and I will steal your flaming tiny flyer idea for my RoF
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