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  1. Does obscured also work against assaults? Or only against shooting and other attacks?
  2. What did you use to make the trees on the islands?
  3. The difference only matters when you have multiple types of turrets.
  4. You said: My experience are different. Such a juicy and soft target wouldn't be ignored. I also woundn't ignore it. But you would ignore it because there are more pressing targets to deal with. That is the point Heartbroken Tone makes.
  5. If you have 2 squadrons of Arminius range within boarding range of your dreadnought, and you shoot a carrier instead of them, you are about to lose your dreadnought.
  6. Because the carrier still brings 6 TFT to the table? And also gives you the option to cycle them, should that be needed (tactical flexibility). Also, when you do choose to cycle the flyers, the Rhine lets you add an extra flyer when one is destroyed from your wing (Deck Hands)
  7. Because it the modifiers on the attack roll are simply not necessary.
  8. Because you don't need an agile dogfighter when using long-range rockets, but that agility might come in handy when you need to accurately drop a bomb
  9. Like the Prussian Empire support cruiser? (Not that it is any good at it..)
  10. Only if you count the main armament. But there is only 33% chance you get to submerge it if you want to fire your weapons.
  11. This thing hits as hard as a battleship: hardly. and is only hit on 5+: it has no shields and less CR than a battleship, it's AA, CC and AP are lower though. I hope you are not comparing it to the PE battleship. That is rather lackluster but considering that PE has the best fighters in the game: they are slightly harder to destroy, but their damage output is nothing higher that other fighters. The Zerstoerer bomber also seems outstanding compared to other small flyers: A lot of the other small flyers are rather underperforming. Try lining up 5 aft bombing arcs on a single target...
  12. I would say yes. It doesn't mention anywhere that it is only CR=DR for attacks. However i think they should amend the rule and say that it uses the printed value. You can look at it fluffwise that it is easier to repair the damage because the crew had to vacate damaged parts of the hull and thus gets less in the way of the repaircrew.
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