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  1. I know your plate is full but did you verify yet ?
  2. All massive steps in the right direction !
  3. Sorylians NEVER made the jump form 1.0 to 2.0 . I wasn't in the beta but I did get to see in the forum from a member and I saw the most revolting ridiculous things going on in there. This was the actual mantra that was actually said, used and went by. Sorylians : Someone has to be the boring race....................... honest to God's truth. That was what was going on. It really was disgusting and the fact it was allowed to go on shows how careless the beat was allowed to get. Oh yeah and they said the Shantu had to be have it's firepower dropped because " people liked the model so much " ....... yeah. Also Sorylians were not addressed til very late in the process, they were hardly played and when it was more than apparent to even that group the Tier 1's needed serious attention all hell broke loose between the "must be boring" crowd and more semi-reasonable ones and shattered the clique. But enough of the horrid past and on to the future ! 8 inch range bands MUST go the way of the Dodo bird. We are not on 4x4 boards anymore as standard and Kinetics have far to much reach. 8 inch bands have no place on a 6x4 board or larger. Sorylians and every short range fleet need 10 inch bands same as Beams. It is the most simple and elegant way to give them a boost. We've been doing that for a very long time around here and has been most helpful without doing a total redesign. If you want 8 inch bands put them on all races tertiary weapons systems and on everyone's frigates and escorts. Kon Avarr shock troops need to be able to cut loose in boarding with a boost. If you're going to have giant close combat happy space lizards they need to be able to live up to that in the rules. The Swordbreaker/Falx and Broadsword must be able to take forward Kinetic options as part of their build potentials. Either that or massive torpedo mounts. Sorylians are extremely smart and would have learned that lesson hundreds of years ago. Battlecruisers need work . The support option is semi-okay [ except for that freaking model ] but being Sorylain there needs to be heavily armed options available to build. Halberd/Kopis need to be able to go toe to toe with the other heavy cruisers. Bombard/Warwolf [ needs that name changed ] . Needs to have torps brought back up to 1.0 level and they are good to go. Scatter. Enough with the Scatter already !!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about Decimator or Maximised Firepower for the big weapon banks. If Kinetics are getting the bump then more Shields across the board. More PD. Again Sorylians aren't stupid. If they aren't going fighter to fighter then they would mount more PD. [ Notice I said Fighter wink wink [ still staying on our tables ] Allied synergy , just don't know. Sure we played allies and allied fleets when they were first introduced but bleh, pure fleets are the way to go except for occasional or special use . Each fleet must be able to stand on its own . can't stand cherry picking fleets. Sorylians have been forced to play in one or two ways to even attempt to survive the battle, let alone win and that MUST BE STOPPED in 3.0 or what's the point in buying the rulebook and fleet guide. Everything can be fixed at home/club without them.
  4. This would be a Godsend for trying to play with my nieces and nephews spread all out across the country
  5. Nope not upset. Even lowering the raised eyebrow .................... Of course we'll be adding them back in, in our games
  6. The SRS Types currently available: Meaning there are still Fighters just stats aren't available yet right ?????
  7. I never really understood peoples problem with movement time. Are people like measuring to the tiniest mm with a laser or something ? It takes like 2 or 3 seconds to template.
  8. Now that's a nice MAR to have ! Almost forgot. Is Hawker getting any new classes of ships ?
  9. All VERY iinteresting ! Can't wait for the Kickstarter ! I see Saurians in the future for my gaming closet
  10. We always kept the Ramming rule in our games. Nobody ever successfully did it yet and not used often but SO thematic as FA was meant to be.
  11. That was fast ! Thanks. " and the weapon efficiency doesn't degrade as fast. " Is that specific to them or as in the 3.0 in general ?
  12. Well if there's one thing I like more than the idea of space lizards is the idea of evil space lizards so that's great news ! Armed similarly to Sorylians or to early to spill the beans ?
  13. Oh, years ago I got tired of making email accounts and such and finding t a name taken and haveing to add numbers and stuff to it. Took awhile to think but Mutantpoo was born and never had to add anything to it , lol A civil war sounds most interesting. does that mean Saurians will be found in both Alliance's forces ?
  14. Awesome ! What's the state of Sorylians currently in 3.0 ? But xxx was the best part of the game , lol
  15. GOOD LORD sir ! Don't do anything that might cause even the least little bit of undue stress til you are 100%. Nothing is worth your health. Future does indeed look bright for YOUR game and YOUR company. Soooooooooo 3.0 , are Sorylians looking to return to their 1.0 tough guy status ? Reptilian minds want to know. Grudge match against the Saurians shaping up ?????
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