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  1. To me I just think of Battle Stations to be FOB's and so are important but not essential. To me they might have originally been stationary but over time have evolved and have changed to the current mobile units. An example of this would be cavalry. Originally this was horse mounted soldiers but even this evolved from un-armoured to heavy armoured back to light or un-armoured due to technology and now in contemporary times only ceremonial units still use horses but combat is either "air" with helicopters or "armoured" with units using AFV or recon vehicles. While cavalry units still exist a original cavalry soldier would not recognise a modern cavalry unit due to the changes in the unit. Overall stationary or meander across the battlefield neither is an issue for me
  2. I magnetise my turrets for a secondary reason - storage & transport. I stick them to a metal ruler I have for the task for moving them and storing them
  3. Well my old account details seem to have been terminated. Spartan Beth is looking at it but it looks like I will be restarting my account from scratch Dr Dodo KIA in the War on Spam
  4. My old account no longer exists. Can it be recovered?
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