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  1. The distances many land weapons can fire in DW just absurd. AC is much more realistic. There are also the formations, and less tokens everywhere. The missions are great and the games move faster too. All this is irrelevant though. Spartan have released a product, and people have bought stuff for it, some at my club only bought land things for Armoured Clash, now we can't get new people into it because their faction is not supported, those with stuff already have just shelved it. I don't mean to throw the toys out of the pram here, but it isn't too hard to do what is required. AC is a much better simulation of Land Warfare, Spartan just need to keep it going. I think there is a lot of growth to be had and could make for a viable tournament system too. Anyway, that's all for now. P.S Homemade rules just won't gain any traction in our playing group.They will just play other games. There are so many now a days.
  2. Where are the stats for all the new models. For some reason land battles just don't work that well with the current DW rules, so we have been waiting patiently for AC . Our club will continue to play other games but it would be nice to actually use our dystopes land stuff. Pretty hard to get people interested in playing if you can't even support the game by updating a few PDF's.
  3. Maybe Spartan can comment on whether Armoured Clash is going to be updated and when, or if the idea is just to run with DW2.
  4. Yeah what is the score with this. There are quite a few units that need translating over. I want to know whether to base my army off of AC or DW.
  5. What has changed rules wise in V2? Please explain how the game has improved, particularly in the play speed department.
  6. Here is my case point. Independence BB + Enterprise DD. ( A typical opponent) Vs 2 hachiman Same points. The hachiman have a distinct advantage here. Wouldn't you agree?
  7. You can say rockets and torps are marginal but they are not. The extra AA and CC are also very useful. Your ridicule of the Hachiman is based on a misperception of it's capability. It can easily board things. A 10" threat range is fine. Don't even try to tell me you can't board things. Every dread is going to lose to a Enterprise. So that argument is silly. Dread parity tactics are retarded. Especially with EotBS and prussians. Just prize it. It's not wasted killing mediums that can barely scratch it. Especially when you quantify it's usefulness by the points it kills. Even when it has suffered damage it still has excellent damage output whereas the Magesty for example is useless. The extra turret makes up for the loss of broadsides . 13 ad turrets will kill frigates fine up close. If you think the Hachiman is going to struggle to break even after it kills a BB or carrier, then the Sokotsu is even less likely as it could be beaten by the enemy BB whereas the Hachiman won't be. The hachiman is the most expensive battleship in the game, but it is the best. Its not a bruiser dreadnought, but it's a pain in the ass to kill still. You just give your enemies an easier time by never using it.
  8. I dont think that it's a bad force, in fact if the hussars hit a flank hard and fast enough they could cause a lot of carnage. It's just not something I've seen before.
  9. Surely you can lurk around RB 2 throwing torpedoes at people? They seem quite good at that...???
  10. Are you trying to say that +1 turret +2 AP +1 DR +2 CR +2 HP Dash and élan Iron ram Top RR of 9 More powerful rockets More powerful torps +2 AA +3 CC isnt worth 55 pts? Those people should stop wishing and play a faction with them then. I'd take two hachiman in every game if I played EotBS.
  11. That is a very strange Prussian force. Even for me who uses unorthodox forces.
  12. Because you have a dread that works fine, is very economical compared to your battleship. It just can't take on other dreads, but that is why you have the Ika, so stop whining about your dread.
  13. If you like Prussia get them and Empire of the blazing sun. Prussia don't need to board them.
  14. I would get brittannia and empire of the blazin sun. They are a good match.
  15. Spartan next book bring on the Juggernaughts! Huge ships with a half dozen land turrets ( the 15 AD ones). Three replaceable for generators 15 HP 15 AP ect DR 8 CR 14 Oh yeah!
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