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  1. I did like the train that was added to the Gustav back with the kickstartet. However, not what I was expecting for the whole faction. I will do my best to hold judgement until they finish making all the models. Whenever that is going to be. Worse comes to worse I have a lot of Prussian models already and if I don't like the new models then I won't buy any of the new models.
  2. If you are playing a game with friends you can always use the old models as long as you and your opponent agree on what is what. The only problem we will run into is playing competitively. Even then you should be fine as long as it's not an official tournament. I had a couple large fleets and then recently had a friend give me all of his. I have no need to buy anymore models, however if I like the new models I will still buy them. Depending on release dates of the line of models we may have no choice but to use the old models for a period of time.
  3. As of right now there doesn't seem to be much variation in the stats between nations. The difference in MARs and crew aren't significant, in my opinion. The different generator and other outfitting cards being specific to certain nations does add flavor. The Americans being the only faction having nothing specific to them is very odd. These are beta test rules so hopefully that will change with the full release of the game. Honestly, I haven't played the beta in a while. I played for the first few updates and then started losing interest. I have been keeping up to date on the rules updates. Seems to be coming along with some good changes and some that make me ask what were they thinking.
  4. In the unit stat cards pdf version 5 it lists squadron(3) or squadron(5) for most units. What does this mean? Initially I thought it was the unit size, but it doesn't seem right since the Battleships and Carriers have squadron(3) and a lot of the mediums have squadron(5).
  5. Anyone know what they mean by Unit? I am not sure if it refers to a single model or a squadron. The outfitting cards says it adds the cost to that of the unit. If I pay for lets say 4 Destroyers and upgrade all of them with a Heavy torpedo salvo do I pay one time or for each one? I would imagine you would have to pay for each model, but some clarification would be helpful. Overread I don't see Aerial or Submerged being obscured anywhere in the rules. Where did you see that?
  6. I normally did 2,000 or 2,500 in 2.0 and 2.5. My friends and I did some quick small games to get the basics and will play some bigger games. Depending on how fast the games are will determine how many points we play. Have you tried heavy mortars out? A friend of mine tried them out and almost tabled his opponent turn 1. It was a small game though.
  7. Large ships last longer than Medium ships and Medium ships last longe than Small ships. Having lower armor and less hull makes them die quicker. Also, the non-capital ships don't have a crippled side they just die. A Battleship has effectively 10 hull points, a Cruiser 6 and a Destroyer 2. The damage output does not go down when crippled. There is actually little difference between crippled and battle ready. The movement goes down and defense goes down as well as different changes throughout the fleets. To be honest with the siz3 of the tables you play on having your movement reduced is not that bad. You will have targets in range when you activate the unit and just position for firing arcs and line of sight. Also, who plays 50 to 100 models? I played with 6 models with the beta rules.
  8. My friends and I played a couple games of 750 points on a 4x3 table and the game ended turn 3 with someone being tabled. It says to play on a 3x3 and the game would have ended quicker if we did. Is it supposed to be that fast? Really it comes down to who does damage first. Things usually die when attacked. Defense dice are basically useless and had no affect against torpedoes or boarding. We didn't use anything else that gave defense dice in our games. As for the turn template it looks like a medium and that is what we used. Worked eell enough, although I would rather each size used different size turn templates. The beta rules make for completely unrealistic scenarios. By the way Destroyers with heavy torpedo salvo are great. I had 3 and they destroyed a Cruiser and crippled 3 more Cruisers in 2 turns before finally being destroyed. Heavy mortars are terrifying especially when using twin screws to stay behind terrain.
  9. An application could work really well if it is well made and maintained. Something along the lines of Warroom 2 by Privateer Press. If you do printed cards and people have to buy new cards everytime they are updated you will lose customers.
  10. I don't like the idea of printing out stat cards. Stat cards are nice, but ultimately they get changed in updates. I would rather have a pdf or mobile application. They can update the stat cards on a pdf that you can use as a pdf, print out as high quality or a printer friendly version so people have options on what to use. That may be the easiest way to keep everything up to date and make as many people as possible happy.
  11. I agree that with the current beta rules it is very easy to get line of sight. Only needing any part of the target models for line of sight. Also, with the range bands, playing on a 3 foot by 3 foot table, and measuring closet point to closest point makes shooting very easy at turn 1. With the weapons as they are everyone can fire at range band 3 at equal effectiveness. This will make the game faster, but I feel it will make maneuvering less important. Setting up the terrain in a mutual way can add to this if very little terrain is used. I didn't see anything stating how much terrain to use so I am under the assumption it is completely up to the players. I think using a lot of small pieces of terrain can help add maneuvering back into the game. What do you all think? On a side note. Torpedoes seem to be very effective. There are fewer ways to add submerged defense than aerial defense and the are effective at range band 3. They also ignore shields and shrouded on the initial target.
  12. The previous editions of Dystopian wars had far more complicated rules that were difficult to learn if you didn't take the time to read them and practice using them in games. Boarding was not difficult or confusing. I have won and lost games from boarding. It was very tactical with a high risk/reward affect. The rules on general for Dystopian wars 2.0 and 2.5 were very tactical and rollong dice better never won games. I for one roll terribly and still won a good portion of my games against people who rolled very well. Uou win by planning several turns in advance with your entire fleet. You start at list building, deploying terrain, deploying you force and your actions on your turn. If you deployed directly across from your opponent and ran strait at them then that is your fault. If at any time you did not understand how rules worked or what tactics worked best for the faction you played you should have gone to the forum. It was a great resource then and I hope it will be again. The big thing I see from these initial rules is a complete lack of tactics. That being said this is the beta and I believe it will get better with the full release. I intend to see the full release before saying that it is terrible and I won't play and I think we should all do that. We can point out the problems we personally have for it and try to give it a fair shake. That's my long winded rant.
  13. I don't like the fact that firepower, defense and carrier points are not affected by damage. I know people said this will change, but I believe it when I see it. Having firepower and such reduced by damage is a core mechanic and if it is to be in the rules it should have been included. I really don't like the complete lack of differences and flavor between the nations. I don't like the boarding rules do to the static number until crippled. For how SAS work it seems too much like fleet action which I don't like. The only part of SAS I do like is that it deals with activation spam from SAS. Shield generators and weapons that ignore shields seem fairly pointless with these new rules. Paying points to attempt to add 1 more armor doesn't seem to be worth it and paying points to upgrade weapons like arc weapons to counter that possible 1 additional armor seems pointless. I do hope that on the final rules that the different weapons are not exactly the same across all nations. The rules for how to build the battle groups allows to play a fleet that is heavy on Large ships. I would rather have rules to make the forces more balanced for a more realistic fleet. I am also not a fan of using cards in this game. I was looking forward to these rules and after reading them I am dissapointed. I know it is only the beta and hope things will improve. I plan on trying some games using a Battkeship, 2 Cruisers and 3 Frigates to try it out.
  14. The beta test rules state that you build your force by making battlegroups. It says a battlegroup consists of a Large and other ships. It also says uou have different options for the mediums and smalls depending on what large ship you choose. It does not however state what those options are or what the squadron sizes are. We need that information to be able to properly test the rules.
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