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  1. Music!

    I second Zahariel.
  2. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Hypothetically, if a carrier has the ability to launch multiple squadrons of TFT during its activation can they be assigned different roles or would they all have to do the same role? Would roles be along the lines of bombers attacking surface ships, torpedo bombers attacking submerged ships, fighters attacking other TFT and/or other fliers, and setting then set up to defend against a TFT attack similar to a CAP? I guess it is safe to say that ack ack should still exist in 3.0. That would mean to defend against TFT on an attack run you would get ack ack, hopefully, and you can damage the carrier. If damaging the carrier limits it's ability to launch TFT. So, a big factor in being able to reach a carrier to damage it would be the range of the TFT attack run and if line of sight from the carrier is required. It would make sense to be able to use spotters to target squadrons with TFT, but that also means it would be easier to hide and protect the carrier. That would help make carriers very competitive, but at the same time still take away activation spam. I guess it also depends on how effective the attack runs of TFT are. I think it sounds very interesting and look forward to seeing the full rules for carriers and TFT.
  3. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    I believe one of the goals of 3.0 is to speed the up the game. This can be done in a couple of ways. Make each turn take less time and/or make the game last fewer turns. I don't know what route War cradle will take. I do like having more turns. That would require each turn to go faster. To make the turn go faster may require simplification of the rules which can be over simplified making the game less appealing due to less tactical choices and more just driving strait across the table shooting at each other. If they do simplify the rules I hope they don't over signify the rules.
  4. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    So this is very similar to the fleet action rules where the fliers were treated like firing a weapon. The number of "shots" depends on the carrier. Then you choose how to use them. As a fighter or bomber which determined what rules it had and what it was effective against. I think it has its pros and cons. Depending on the range it can make it very difficult to keep a carrier alive long enough to get much use out of it. It also can make destroying the carrier the only way to counter a carrier. Need to see the full rules to get a better understanding on how to use them.
  5. Prussian Imperium future

    Awesome. Thanks. Seems you are doing what you can to keep the old models in the game while coming out with new ones. If you maintain the quality and aesthetics I will definitely be buying some new models for my Prussians. I would really like to see something from the new Prussian fleet other than the Ice Maiden. Some of the 3D renders from other fleets have shown some changes to the design of the ships. I would like to see what changes they will make to the Prussian fleet. Again this is me being impatient and not waiting for things to be released.
  6. Prussian Imperium future

    When I bought the box that came with the 2 Metzgers they were on a base chest high in the water already. It is a different model from the land variant. They wouldn't have to change the scale at all if they kept the 2 models. Besides even if the scale did change as long as the base was the same size I would still use the ones I have instead of the new ones. I would be fine with having rules for the Metzger in naval games and Warcradle not even releasing new models. I just want to use the toys I already have. Ideally they would have rules and new models for both Dystopian wars and Armored clash so people who don't have them can buy them for either game. As for the holchmeister, that can be for land and naval as well. Will that be part of Dystopian wars 3.0 or will it be limited to Armored clash only? The question is will models like the Metzger or similar models be used on both Dystopian wars and Armored clash? This is really a question for War cradle unless this information has already been released.
  7. Prussian Imperium future

    Since naval battless will be Dystopian wars and nd battles will be Armored clash and Armored clash is a separate game I am curious how that will affect the Metzger. In previous editions we could field the Metzger in land and naval battles. Since the land and naval theaters are now seperated into different games I wonder if the Metzger will remain a naval option. I would personally like it to remain and option with some improvements since it was lacking in 2.5.
  8. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Thanks. I figured open beta was a way off but I am impatient so I asked. Good to hear that there will be a difference between the types of carriers. Do you know if local air support will still be a thing? Sorry if I am asking too many questions. I don't know how far along they are in writing the rules or what you are allowed to share.
  9. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Interesting. It does fix the activation spam problem with carriers. From what you have said it does sound a bit like the fleet action rules. Do you know if different types of carriers will have varying amounts of TFTs? Meaning fleet carriers, assault carriers and light carriers. It may be a bit early but do you know about when open beta is supposed to start?
  10. Support Aircraft in the Dystopian Age

    If you read through the So where are we? topic under general discussion under Dystopian Wars you can read what war cradle has said about that. I think it is on the third page of the topic.
  11. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Thanks for the clarification. Don't know if you have an answer for this but I will ask anyways. Are the tiny fliers still going to be fighters, torpedoes bombers and dive bombers or is that going to change?
  12. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    That is a possibility. Maybe a new type of tiny flier or to replace one of the other ones. I am curious to see where they go with this. Could be interesting.
  13. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Nice. I was agreeing with you on wondering why the bomber is smaller. Perhaps I did not word it very well. I have not ordered the new Ice Maiden.
  14. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Excellent question. My point was about resembling what it is supposed to be. The bomber on the Ice Maiden does resemble a Geier. As for the scale I have no idea. I asked earlier and all they said was it is a bomber. I would also like some clarification on the scale of the bomber on the Ice Maiden. Please.
  15. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    When it comes to the tiny fliers changing to some sort of token and not a model as ShafferDK has said I would expect them to resemble the aircraft. To have the carriers modeled with the tiny fliers and then have us use a token to depict the tiny fliers that does not even come close to resembling what is modeled on the carriers is just silly. That being said I would not be surprised if the new rules did not use the current tiny flier tokens. Changing the tokens to something new isn't inherently bad as long as they resemble what they are supposed to be. Personally I don't want them to change since I have a bunch of painted tiny flier tokens and trays.

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