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  1. Non Nutriunt Troglodytae Don't feed the troll ladies and gentlemen
  2. Still, he probably won't tell us. Mummy's the word.
  3. I'd Ra-ther be playing with the new box right now, but I'm all Set up to paint then...
  4. Nothing like I was expecting, but I love it! Glad I grabbed this box with the Kickstarter - a mate of mine is starting an Ottoman fleet, so it looks like SG will be taking more of my money this year Forget the $20, maybe I should just slide my credit card across the desk...
  5. Maybe a pack of white metal optional decorations? It could even include a few figureheads, banners, flags, coms arrays and other bits and bobs... It'd be a nice way to indicate flagships, and allow Presidente to encrust his French vessels to his hearts content!
  6. I really like all of the new ships. Even the Toyokawa takes the train vibe to the next level of insanity! It'll look fantastic painted up. The only disappointing aspect is the addition of bunting on the Providence. As weird and wonderful as some of the other models are, they still retain the basic design elements of their nation. Adding frilly cake decorations and handfuls of giant stars to the new FSA ships changes the whole look of the new models. My friends daughter saw a pic of the Calico I was showing him: "It's pretty!" was the first thing she said. Pretty. It's weapon of war. Ok, a tiny model of a weapon of war, but still... The stars I can tolerate, but what what folk are forgetting is that unless you're a gun painter these banners are gonna look fugly. Freehand stripes? yay. Not. FSA flags? Only if you're insane! Having spent hundreds of $ on my fleet over the years, I'll be annoyed (to say the least) if every new offering is slathered in design elements taken from a high-school ball. Spartan: Please remove it. I know some folk like the bunting, but they liked (and collected) the FSA prior to it being added - there or not, it'll make no difference to them in the end. Those who hate the bunting may get ticked off enough to stop buying.
  7. Should the Fore / Aft Guns on the Mississippi be Volley weapons? Is this an error on the data-card? It seems odd that they have the same range bands as most of the other volley guns, they have the same AD as those on similar size vessels (Liberty, Independence & Georgetown) and they have the same name (minus, of course, the word "volley")... If, as it seems, the Mississippi is a replacement for the Independence (and in most other respects has a very similar load-out to the older vessel), shouldn't it have volley guns?
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