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  1. The STO have their own ORBAT and are a faction in the Imperial Bond Group, similar to in 2.0. We had considered merging their unique units (there were only 3 with models) in the PE ORBAT at one stage but instead decided to go all out the other way and flesh them out! this allows for new weapon systems, army wide rules, commodore abilities and so on. They are very close to the PE though and have more options for sharing of units (via lend lease and allies) than other factions. This is detailed in their ORBAT. As for a Metzger teaser... I am not really allowed. but what they hey.... it has IR7! That enough of a teaser?
  2. I am afraid we are realistically looking at next week! The STO, DOC, LoC are all done, it is just the techy side of formatting, proof reading (our specialty!) of the formatted docs and uploading. Some of these bits are hard to do over the weekend as Neil (very foolishly) allows some staff time off. Not me though, been chained to this desk for so long that my concept of the sun is inextricably linked to incendiary rockets!
  3. Still here, still kicking! Lots just round the corner on the ORBAT front. We have the STO, DOC and League of Crimson going up very shortly. The Core 7 updates are in the terminal phase of testing and will also be appearing soon (but after those other ones). Josh
  4. That is correct. One for the FAQ! Josh
  5. Terror tactics do stack. So A squadron of 3 ships with Terror Tactics (1) could land 12AP of Marines on their boarding target. Josh
  6. I am still kicking about We decided that Mike would take the more active role on the Forum side of things so more of my time is freed up to be working on things in the background. Many things.... I will still chip in from time to time and look to answer direct comments and questions for me. Josh
  7. These points are correct. Piercing rolls on the focussed table if the CR is NOT exceeded. If it is then there is no additional focussed roll, including for a damaging critical (which will have, by default, exceeded the CR). Josh
  8. Will speak to Spartan Neil for a Newfoundland render. It has turrets! And flamethrowers The Sussex...... gets around
  9. Morning everyone, Thanks for the spots here. As noted we have a timetable in place to make corrections and rules updates to the ORBATs and we will be keeping a keen eye on your comments and feedback. The timetable is in place to avoid making repeated amendments to ORBATs that could cause confusion to gamers and also multiplies the time such changes will take behind the scenes. So they will remain in place as they are for a time to let all issues 'rise to the top' before the update. An exception to this is where an error is present that does have a very material impact on the gameplay of a unit, for example the Dynasty! I can confirm that the correct AP rating for the Dynasty is 9. the 6 would appear to be a slip of the keyboard at some stage of the process. the KOB ORBAT will be updated to reflect this shortly, probably tomorrow as our documents & downloads guy is not in the office today. Josh
  10. Hello all, 2.5 compatible ORBATs for the Core 7 Nations are now available in the Downloads section of the Homepage. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads We are presently working to have the Minor nation stats similarly updated and will be making these available soon. These ORBATs are living documents and will be periodically updated with new models and updated stats. Josh
  11. Hi all, CAP must be made up of fighters. It may not be changed into another form of SAS by a re-task action. Josh
  12. Morning all, To clarify a few things mentioned here: Boarding: For the sabotage result the attacker rolls on the focused column of the critical hit table and applies the effect and the damage listed. please note that things like piercing and tesla generators that use the focused column specifically state in their rules that they apply the effect but not the damage. this demonstrates that this is a divergence from the normal rules as a roll on the focused column is a normal roll on the critical table with fewer potential results but applies the damage as normal. Disruption Generator: Or Schrodinger's Generator as it is now called... The roll of a 3 does cause generator offline. Re-build: The Intention of the re-build action is to re-create a squadron that has been lost. It does not allow the deployment of more squadrons than you started with. to take wording from page 189: "Sometimes SAS will be completely eliminated by the enemy either through heroic Dogfights or sheer volumes of AA! In order to execute a Re-Build Carrier Action, a Carrier Model must spend 3 Carrier Points to Re-Build a lost SAS." the use of "new" further down is confusing, this clarification will be included in a dedicated FAQ document further down the line. As a further point on the carrier points, While the number of wings deployed will be pretty consistent across fleets and carrier types one of the main reasons for separating the carrier points was to allow for flexibility in units abilities. So If we have a look at the mighty Seydlitz (as shown in the rulebook) it has 9CP, this allows it to do an awful lot of carrier actions and is a representation of its clear high capacity for this type of activity, namely it has 2 huge runways! Other fleet carriers on the other hand may bring as many SAW to the table but may not have as many carrier points as they will not have the infrastructure to launch/land/rearm etc. as many planes in the heat of combat, the Russian Kostroma for example. Of course in the example above you were using FSA carriers, which have double decks and do therefore start at 9CP but this has been taken into account in their costings. That does bring us back round to the Indian Raj Megha robot in the room, where are those ORBATS?! They are presently being converted into the proper format from numerous notes and separate documents, it is important that they include everything in one place! We aim to have them with you as soon as we can. Josh
  13. The energy template should be 2" The target painter wording is correct, this has been changed in the new edition. Submarines do need to surface to use Mines as they are counted as a weapon type, even though you are not using them in the firing segment. Josh
  14. Yes, pulse generators detonate the mine, which is a different action from clearing it. no, nice try the Saransk has never had a glacier generator! Josh
  15. The Metzger is only the half of it, Spartan Neil has also arranged that there are at least 4 EotBS Shinobi in the room with Mike and Myself at any time. Even the amount of information disclosed above will lead to a throwing star on his pillow this evening as a warning... Josh (who knows nothing, honest!)
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