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  1. Niel make sure 4 to 5 mm diameter of the flight peg stays free for custom made flight peg attachement modules people have made for transport when you add dice socket holes. I own about 500 bases and many srs tokens please provide cheap replacements when 3.0 hits after 6 months or so you can change the price.
  2. a bit over two weeks left, kickstarter will not finish in august. I do not think we will see a 3rd edition rulebook this month. But maybe they will keep this promise will be back 1st of september.
  3. Cloack and stealth systems is what relthoza are change them and you change the whole faction. I do not like the changes you are proposing too drastic changes and too much effect on the whole faction. Think it over real good!
  4. make sure there is 5 mm room in the middle of the new base to allow custom basing methods players have invented for transport etc. do not place the dice sockets to close to the middle of the base. if there is a base topic please copy this post.
  5. movement is the most important part of the game. it is the starting point for everything. A free format movement you are suggesting is easy for the game designers but it is not really a movement rule. You should make rules and let the players discuss the rulrs. Good templates is also what the rule makers should provide.
  6. Playing relthoza is what I do because of the tactics with turning cloack on and off at certain points in game. if you weaken cloacks or if they can turned off and on just remove the whole core fleet. Be very carefull what you do with cloacks just wanting less half dice is the worst possible reason to eliminate a whole core faction. very bad idea!!
  7. maybe change CAP to protect squadrons and not single ships.
  8. Why have side arc torpedo's and front plating?
  9. marines and regular crew have different functions on a space ship. It's strange to have their dice being one pool. Not the whole crew can attack how is this reflected in the rules, after AP is removed?
  10. Vedar looks like your good suggestions are ignored....or did Spartan Mike already go?
  11. Hello Alex,

    Do you think Aquans are over powered? In our group we have a discussion that's why I send a message and not put it on the forum.

    Most of us think the difficult target MAR on T2 ships is too much. Aquans have more fire arcs and torpedo's with arc any. We play a Zenian vs. Kurak campaign where we have divided the players in two groups and play a map based campaign. The aquans do a lot of damage and recieve not much damage.

    What is your take on the Aquan fleet with the difficult target MAR on cruisers and carriers?

    I saw a post you wrote with some tables on what race is best in what  (CR/DR/AP etc), is there a conclusion or standing in the community if aquans are over powered or do you think all six main factions are equal in strenght?

    I hope to see a post or message (please do not mention me or that I asked)




    1. Edwin


      thanks for this reply :)

  12. black friday order still processing
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