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  1. Hi guys; i've been using battlescribe to make some lists with my relthoza fleet, and I think I've found a mistake on "cotesia" assault cruisers entry, the third hardpoint (+3 wings and remove planetfall MAR) is missing.
  2. It's real, sorylian won!! The lists were: List 1 Battleship with +2 mv", +1 shield, weapon shielding, split fire, 3 light frigates 1 heavy cruiser(full equip) & 3 cruisers 10 frigates with pack hunters List 2 Battleship with +2 mv", +1 shield, weapon shielding, split fire, 2 light frigates 3 gunships with nuclear torpedoes 3 assault cruisers with second assault 5 corvettes
  3. Hi guys, i'm new here, i apologize if my english isn't good enough, i'll try my best to explain myself. I know there is another topic about leviathan CQB, but this is a small doubt and i don't want to disturb the other thread discussion. The thing is, can regular models (like tanks or any other with only one CQB profile) initiate a leviathan CQB action? This situation took place during a match between Directorate and Relthoza, a squadron of trojan cyberwarfare tanks initiatied a CQB action against a Vaxis flying leviathan, this model has a poor leviathan CQB profile, and my opponent decided to put their tanks in base contact with the Vaxis to avoid the superior CQB stat (Vaxis has 12/4), this is legal? I mean, i rolled 4 dice against 10 dice, because this tanks only have one stat for CQB and always use this one, but i rolled 8 less dice. What do you think guys? Pd: i hope i've written this clearly, if not, tell me please.
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