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  1. I'm pretty sure that the picture on page 27 of the FSA general is based on Craig from The D6 Generation podcast.
  2. With the spike in popularity of FA, as more new players pick up the game due to the release of the 2.0 rules, I would think that a podcast or a portion of the existing podcast being devoted to the experiences of a game group starting up FA would be popular.
  3. Hey, thanks a ton everyone. This has really helped out getting me down to two factions that I really am interested in. I do have one more question, however. In addition to the TAC cards that come with the Patrol Fleets, do I still need the 54 card Game Card Deck from the previous edition of the game or not?
  4. Are there any indications if any of these characteristics will carry over into the forces for each faction into Planetfall? So if I play Dindrenzi in FA, will they have a similar feel in Planetfall with long range guns that hit hard as well as having high armor but moving slowly?
  5. Thanks, these are very helpful. Just a quick question to prove how much I don't know about this game, what is SRS? I get the other acronyms from playing Dystopian Wars, but I'm not familiar with SRS.
  6. Thanks, that's helpful to a point, but since I never played in earlier editions I think some of that is lost on me. Let me ask this. Are there the typical faction tropes in Firestorm Armada that I might find in other wargames? That is to say, is there an "all-around" faction? Or a heavy-armor faction? Is there a swarm faction? Is there a distance attack faction? A close attack faction? Is there a fast faction? Or a slow faction? Is there a high defense faction? Etc. The problem we're finding in my group as we spitball whether or not to take the plunge on FA, is that we can all find things to like aesthetically in all the factions to one extent or another, but tracking down how they perform on the table is proving a bit more tricky. I'm sure that the PDF Fleet Manuals would be a bit more helpful for seeing who is who from a game mechanics standpoint, but as we have a very limited understanding of the rules at this point that's not proving to be an effective path for picking a faction.
  7. I'm looking for some help in figuring out how each of the different factions play. I haven't really found anything very concrete or all inclusive about each factions characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Any help would be much appreciated whether it's a breakdown by faction or a link pointing me in the right direction. Sorry if this is somewhere very obvious and I missed it.
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