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  1. Thanks to everyone who has either asked for or provided news on what's going on with FSA. I'll wait.
  2. Excellent news, and looking forward to hearing more. ...and hoping that balance and game design end up as pretty as the miniatures!
  3. schoon


    Welcome back, folks! ...and personally, I'm looking forward to a new start with FSA.
  4. Do you have a link to his Shapeways store - or at least user name?
  5. Pleasantly surprised to see this. Now we just need some rules!
  6. Well, I'll be... Didn't think I'd ever see the first Leviathan come out! Pleasantly surprised on that. Now there's the rules...
  7. Heavy Cruisers would be nice! (Really any extra units at this point would be nice! )
  8. Sorry for the dearth of updates in this topic. I've been doing other things that hobbies recently, but this is not forgotten!
  9. I think your glow effects would benefit from some color, with more color saturation towards the edges, and more white in the center. For a first effort, it's great!
  10. All of this really comes down to personal taste. As has been accurately pointed out, we've dealing with science fiction here, so any current-day comparisons or similarity to other science fiction backgrounds are tenuous at best. When push comes to shove, if Niel wants "battlestations," he can have them however he wants them, as he's created the fictional universe that we all know and love. We all have preferences - personally, I would prefer that DTM did not apply to them - but that's only my opinion. This is a relatively minor point in a big game that I'm going to enjoy regardless of how this shakes out.
  11. That is a handsome vessel! I'm looking forward to seeing it "in the resin."
  12. schoon

    Kurgan's Fleets

    The blue and green came out nicely on the Impacts!
  13. schoon

    BluFlcn Paint Works

    What sort of airbrush set up are you using?
  14. Nice find on those - I'm hoping they do a few more aliens...
  15. If I'm able to make it to the con, absolutely! (but that's no better than 50/50 at this point)
  16. schoon

    BluFlcn Paint Works

    That's quite a bit of painting - excellent airbrush work! Where did you get the hex template for your Directorate ships?
  17. This site also has quite a few options for good space stations that could be integrated into asteroids.
  18. Well, if you didn't have a goal before, creating vanilla ships that could be combined into a vanilla fleet for testing purposes wouldn't be a bad one. I'd certainly find that both interesting and valuable.
  19. Short answer: yes, you should finish it. However, you might be providing too much detail. If the end goal is to create an MEQ fleet that you can run against your own fleets as a test of their general viability, then I'd focus on that goal. From what I see above, it seems like it would almost be easier to create a fleet from the faction you want to test yourself against instead of taking a general unit and then modifying it. I would find the "general fleet" case to be very valuable - 1 generic stat line for each class of ship that I could then assemble into a general fleet of the appropriate size for testing.
  20. Great work on these - good color pallet and a very unified feel to the group. Kudos!
  21. You never know, GenCon's not over yet...
  22. Although it's only tangential to this topic, I'm really looking forward to seeing any information on Leviathans - fluff, art, anything!
  23. Thanks for the clarification. (BTW, my son's name is Rowan)
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