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  1. Bienvenidos a un mundo distópico

    Hola, saludos dystopianeros desde la capital del Turia.
  2. Rules Question

    If you are trying to fire the same target with same type of weapon, you probably want to link your batteries. Of course, you must apply first any modifiers such as Hull Markers (that will reduce the effective AD for each weapon; in this case, for your batteries). The first of the linked weapons add his full AD (after considering any modifiers). The rest of the weapons will add HALF AD (after applying any modifiersand then, rounding down). Example: 3 Batteries with 7 AD each at the same fire range, when your firing ship has 2 Hull Markers. The first weapon adds 7-2= 5 AD to the pool. For the second and thrid batteries you will have 7-2= 5/2= 2.5 (2 after the rounding down). So 2 for the second and other 2 for the third battery. All these 3 batteries can link with an combinate firepower of 5+2+2 = 9 AD. Hope this would help you
  3. Russian hellmarch

    Wow 15K points. That's a massive land army. Excelent paint job. Well done
  4. 2.5 Orbats Notes

    RC: Saransk Medium Skyship has the Spotter (Regular) MAR that does not exists. Typo??? Myshkin Bomber had Spotter (Expert) now has Spotter (16") when, according to similar conversions of 2.0 rules to the new 2.5 spotting distances, it might have Spotter (24"). Also, considering now in 2.5 all Medium Size Aerial Models or above are capable to enter to the Stratospheric Level, it seems a little overpriced. The Suyetka Small Interceptor was Stratospheric and now it can't enter to this Height Level; but remains the same cost, making it overpriced compared with 2.0 version.
  5. Exploding Dice Ep. 3 - EoBS

    Wow, Toyokama working as a kind of Sub-Commander. With the other stuff mentioned (good MV, reasonable cost, the awesome Sustained (3) ...) it sounds so tempting Can't wait until the ORBAT release!!!
  6. Official Thread: Portuguese Empire

    So, according to the obvious fact that these nation has effectively removed from the 2.5 Rulebook (it doesn't become a part of any of the Super-Blocks); could we declared the official dissaparence the Portuguese Empire? Or maybe I'm losing something at this point?
  7. Escape from Ulthuan - A narrative campaign

    I'm so happy people still play the great but forgotten Uncharted Seas
  8. As a map based campaigns fan, I can't wait to recieve my Kickstarter package to start one. Fortunately, in my regular players group at least six or seven people will have no problem to get into the experience. We tried some in the 2.0 times and worked fine. I think with the new 2.5 rules could be even more funny.
  9. Russian modular battleship

    What an inspirational pic!!! I love that scheme
  10. Adepticon Pics!

    Awesome pics!!!
  11. Escape from Ulthuan - A narrative campaign

    Happy to see the game is still alive in other places. You are not alone
  12. Core Nation Expansion Box Blog up!!

    Nice models!! Finally a Light Cruiser for my Russians
  13. New BB's for France,CoA and Russia

    I love the Russian battleship. I can't wait to see both versions in the Orbat
  14. Delivery times

    My Black Friday order arrived yesterday. Well, fortunately there are no missing parts and all it's ok.
  15. Delivery times

    Unfortunately, Lizzie wrote me and email saying my order (and many others too) will not arrive until after the holidays so ... I hope those issues will not happen with the Kickstarter orders

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