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  1. Happy anniversary, that's quite a milestone
  2. Alamo, I use an iPad for most things now and in one of the forums it doesn't work very well, the keyboard disappears with every letter pressed. So I write the post in another forum, this one, and then cut and paste. But yesterday I posted instead. Whoops! I want my copy of Rivet Wars!
  3. Happy new year Gentlemen Pirates, may your dice always come up 6s
  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a New Year full of well fought victories
  5. Dan I will see if I can get a decent photo of mine and post that. I have been meaning to post some more pictures of painted fleets.
  6. Dan, when they released the directors box sets of Lord of the Rings, one came with a model of Gondor that is just about right for UCS scenery and makes a decent Elf fortress. You can pick them up on ebay for a few pounds.
  7. So what happened to the UCS Beta test crew? And was the lack of engagement what was meant by "quietly"?
  8. Very nice, I like the attention to the arches and crenellations, really makes the detail pop!
  9. Tank, if I am ever over visiting the Colonies, I will happily drop by! There would need to be a game with Average Joe too!
  10. Those look so cool, I am trying to resist getting a box or two until I finish painting my Ralgard, but they are so nice! And currently 30% off which is a bargain.
  11. Thanks Tank, but I think yours are more striking. Be nice to get them on a board together though wouldn't it!
  12. All things change all things stay the same, feels like I have never been away!
  13. A belated happy Turkey Day to all you colonials from deep in the heart of the Motherland. And while I am at it, early seasons greetings too.
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