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    smith230 got a reaction from 2DSick in Whitness the 2DSickness :D   
    I've watched these awhile ago, I like how you do these battle reports they are well done. My wife pissed her self laughing when I was watching your third battle report and the chap got that double 1 crit against you. I'm glad to hear your doing a 4th battle report.
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    smith230 got a reaction from Nucreum in DW2.0: what are those three weird resin tokens?   
    I learn't the rules when it first came out was by watching a play through of a game on YouTube by triple helix and then going through the rulebook and that helped me. If I tried just the rule book I don't know if I would of got in to it ,which would of been a shame as it's a great game. What would be good if Spartan started a YouTube channel that showed play through's, bat reps, vlog's and show off the great models. I think that would help new starters and bring more people into playing this great game. As I do agree that the new rule book is not so new gamer friendly but better than the last two rule books.
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    smith230 got a reaction from MythicKhan in Fleet Carrier?   
    So it's called Selfish? Good name for it as that sounds like it has everything.
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    smith230 reacted to BasicBob in Fleet Carrier?   
    Your first clue.
    Turn to page 191 of the Commodore rulebook or page 135 of the Admiral rulebook. Check the "Major Powers Allegiance Table" and look at the column "Minor Power Close Allies". Look at the entries for the EotBS.........and there is your first clue.  
    The second clue.
    In the background of the Operation Shdow Hunter scenario book on page 5 references were made about a fleet of ships with a ghostly appearence.
    And the last clue.
    Words of a well known person at Spartan Games which led me to make my earlier post.
    I'll just leave you with this. Do you think that the guys who started the war would be left out of the game about the war ?!?!  
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    smith230 reacted to Castaras in EotBS and DW 2.0 !   
    Because it's heavy, so big and ultra-blazing sun. Ultra blazing sun means more burning, more rockets and more CR.

    I love it to pieces, and when I have money I'm getting lots of things.
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    smith230 reacted to CDR_G in A Request to Spartan   
    All good points. And I agree. I already have a lot of the older models that are in the BGs and Starter Sets. Forcing me to buy extras I don't need and increasing the costs by selling only big box sets is a direction that will cause resentment among the existing clientele. Some will understand, some will accept it as a necessary reality. That does not mean it won't increase the " negatives" to playing DW.
    That said, I wonder if that flexibility in packaging bundles and managing stock is something a company the size of Spartan can do? Increased management load and likely increased costs/ lower profits may make it a tough sale to them.
    However there is Wisdom in the suggested approach. I suspect they will be ahead of the game in the end. The good will and loyalty this would deliver is difficult to measure, but very real. Something to think about.
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    smith230 reacted to fracas in carriers   
    because it undervalues carriers in general.
    why take an on the field carrier that can launch 6 when you can take an off the field carrier that launched 10?
    yes you can do both i know but taking free tft and carrier(s) doesn't change the fact that free tft cheapens the point of taking a carrier
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    smith230 got a reaction from myth28 in carriers   
    I agree, as a house rule we use here is, no 10 free flyers. If you want tiny flyers you have to get a carrier, we never found any imbalance.
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    smith230 got a reaction from Cambion Daystar in carriers   
    I agree, as a house rule we use here is, no 10 free flyers. If you want tiny flyers you have to get a carrier, we never found any imbalance.
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    smith230 got a reaction from the1andonlywesty in What Naval Unit Do You Never Leave Home Without?   
    On sea tanuki and uwatsu. And on land kagoshima because it looks so cool.
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    smith230 reacted to HoratioHarlock in More Tft On Carriers In Exchange For Local Air Support   
    I think that carriers should be the only reason you have tiny fliers on the table..... you want air support get a carrier or any other model that comes with tiny fliers.... and the initial 10 tiny fliers you get with a battle box... those are immediately part of a carrier compliment essentially a carrier with 15 tiny flier tokens is not a bad or broken thing.... and then it makes carriers something people actually have to consider when adding one to thier fleet
    my house rule if I can get people interested in it is
    NO tiny fliers UNLESS you are fielding a Carrier of some form.... Carriers have a compliment of 15 Tiny Flier tokens, no carrier can launch more than 5 tiny fliers at an activation, if you have tiny fliers out but have tiny fliers preparing to launch you have to wait until after launch to recover any fliers already out on the table, if you have tiny fliers on deck and you take damage you are more suceptable to additional damage from the tiny fliers being destroyed prior to thier launch.....
    in this way the carrier becomes more useful than just launch the fighters and forget about them and then steam into harms way.... in this instance a carrier would hang back in a fleet and do the job it was designed for...
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    smith230 reacted to grabula in Cost Of Models   
    hey all, first post on the new forums but I had to chime in since this is like the third post in two days I've come across like this in a gaming forum.
    The problem with any argument on cost is that this is a luxury hobby, and the company can charge whatever the market will bare - meaning whatever the customer base will pay. The key is to strike a balance between what it costs to produce a product and what it costs to make enough money to make the running of the business reasonable. This all seems like common sense but it's a constant argument on forums like this that's ultimately unnecessary. The point is, you'll either play the game, and suck up whatever cost is required to play it, or you'll move on to something else. Trying to figure out what's 'fair' based on material, or on game effectiveness alone is an unfair and limited way to view how pricing works.
    Ultimately it's a decision you get to make on whether you'll bear the cost of the game or move on. If it occurs to you that the model you just paid for is way too small for the money you paid (or would pay) then 1 - you're not really understanding how business works, and 2 - you're in the wrong hobby. Make the decision you're comfortable with and move along. I know there are products I don't buy due to pricing, whether I really want them or not because I've chosen to draw al ine where I'm uncomfortable.
    As for Spartan Games and their pricing, my personal opinion is that their comparatively reasonable. Some games require less to buy in, and some games require more. Spartan hits a nice sweet spot where to get into a game, say with the rules, cards and army box, you get enough for a basic game and can expand at your liesure. When I bought into Uncharted Seas, a buddy and I played with the first box sets we bought for months, probably close to a year, before we bought anything else, and enjoyed every game we played. I think they're doing a good job keeping prices generally reasonable and the requirements to play a game really are on the low end of the scale.
    I guess at the end of the day, in a hobby like this, I feel if you have to question the cost of everything you buy, you might want to consider another hobby. As tabletop wargaming compares to other luxury hobbies, the overall costs hold up pretty well.
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    smith230 got a reaction from RiftsCommando in Bomber Question   
    The CoA bomber does not have MARs momentum like all the othe bombers so it can All Stop if it wants.
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