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  1. Shame the models wasn't painted like your other videos but a very good and close game. You sure like your double ones in your games.
  2. I've watched these awhile ago, I like how you do these battle reports they are well done. My wife pissed her self laughing when I was watching your third battle report and the chap got that double 1 crit against you. I'm glad to hear your doing a 4th battle report.
  3. Great stuff, puts my stuff to shame.
  4. I just noticed that the myobu turrets go 4/6/4 is that mean't to be like that?
  5. I learn't the rules when it first came out was by watching a play through of a game on YouTube by triple helix and then going through the rulebook and that helped me. If I tried just the rule book I don't know if I would of got in to it ,which would of been a shame as it's a great game. What would be good if Spartan started a YouTube channel that showed play through's, bat reps, vlog's and show off the great models. I think that would help new starters and bring more people into playing this great game. As I do agree that the new rule book is not so new gamer friendly but better than the last two rule books.
  6. I find that the index isn't very good. It's been hard trying to find where things are in the book. But the book is better than the ones before
  7. So it's called Selfish? Good name for it as that sounds like it has everything.
  8. Has this got something to do with a new vault that was found. It would be cool if it's the wani that has it.
  9. I hope that's true because I love the Yurei
  10. Is the Tetsubo meant to have 3 in range band 3? (it goes 3,4,3) rockets normally get better the longer the range band.
  11. so what changes have happened to the Nakatsu?
  12. Don't let your other half see what you have written . I'm excited about this as well.
  13. I agree, as a house rule we use here is, no 10 free flyers. If you want tiny flyers you have to get a carrier, we never found any imbalance.
  14. So does the Mark2 Hachiman still have the external generator for free?, because it only goes on about the internal generators. I like what they done with the Hachiman and can't wait to try it.
  15. I like the look of the gyrotanks they remind me of command and conquer
  16. I love the look of the Kagoshima mobile airfield.
  17. On sea tanuki and uwatsu. And on land kagoshima because it looks so cool.
  18. That would be so cool if we could have faster torps and rockets for everything .
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