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  1. Beautiful work! Pathogen and I need to show this to one of our Xelocian players to get him to paint his up.
  2. Saint

    Terrans Underway

    Great looking ships!
  3. Awesome Terran BB, what color blue is that?
  4. Well done . Marauders are on the prowl.
  5. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    Yeah the corvettes came as a five pack , I may pick up some more latter however. Hmm on the BB I thought those would be armor plating. The crusiers have similar plates on their hull that I don'the think would be left open . Maybe I will play with the BB picture in paint to get a rough idea how it will look. Thanks for the help
  6. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    Thanks all! Many of you helped me thanks to your threads on your own fleets.
  7. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    Okay here is my completed fleet ( at least until the next update). The small ships in front are standins for Ryushi Corvettes , I'm just not a fan of that sculpt. Wish I had better light, however my photo fu is weak.
  8. Well done, I really love the SRS tokens.
  9. Great work! I really like the colors of the Tarakians.
  10. Well done, that's a good looking fleet.
  11. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    You read my mind,my next group of frigates are the Reynolds,Cobb,Washburne,& Book. It's not sad it means we are awes..., yeah we are odd.
  12. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    Here's a quick picture of the fleet. I'll have to get a better picture this was the best I took last weekend and it's still bad. LOL
  13. Hello all. I had a few problems with mold issues on my hawker cruisers, two had deformed turrets, and one was misaligned a little. I sent dispatch a email with this information , batch number and pictures . It will be a week tomorrow and I've not heard back. Is this normal?
  14. Well done! I like your color selection.
  15. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    I'm going to leave it clear. Here is stage 3 . I still got to add some details but it's mostly done. Now to hit the Cruisers.
  16. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    Stage Two Adding secondary colors and some details.
  17. Saint

    Hawker Fleet WIP

    So I've started a Hawker fleet mostly based on the looks of the Battleship and Cruisers. I decided on Vajahoe Sky Grey as my main color with Gun metal and Gore Red for highlights. Stage one.
  18. If you don't like how the play you could always sell them to Mike, he is thinking of playing them.
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