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  1. Any chance the Xelocians will get some love and updates? The battleship is missing as wel as the Larshan noted above. These cards are fantastic!
  2. So one race is reptile like. What is the other race?
  3. I could have sworn I heard Amazing Grace being played softly.
  4. I am working on a story or three for my Terrans and Xelocians and was wondering if anyone else is thinking or has written any on theirs. I am no writer but I do like to muse a bit. Maybe we could have a pinned thread dedicated to some fan fiction? Thoughts?
  5. Woot. Xelocian Dred came in today. I will be building it tonight! Frigates and Escorts due tomorrow! It's Xmas at Rabidfox's house!
  6. Xen may have something there. Scientist cast. Military cast would be raptor like Aristocrat cast could be birds with colorful plumage? Sky is the limit give the multitude of variety in birds we know.
  7. Put my Xelocian fleet box together as well as a couple Babylon 5 Wars Marathon cruisers I'm going to use as Terra destroyers. Also got the Tyrant BB in and built. Xelocian Dread and Frigate/Escort boxes should be in by Friday.
  8. I'm thinking they are indeed bird like, maybe hawk or bird of prey looking. Depending on cast that is. I like this picture. Kind of what I envisioned.
  9. Rule book you have is good to go. PDFs of the fleet manuals on the website will give you the updated stats on the ships.
  10. I saw that but the info is general. Not very detailed.
  11. Where is the fluff on the Xelocians? Society, physical description, Etc..... Online that is.
  12. Terran 1- Apollo BB 1- Tyrant BB (shipped Monday, on its way) 1- Ares carrier 1- Solar carrier 1- Dread 2- Battle cruisers 3- New cruisers 3- Heavy cruisers 3- Light Cruisers 14- Frigates 6- Escorts 2- Destroyers Xelocians Fleet box (enroute, arrives Tuesday)
  13. My patrol fleet should be here by Tuesday. I still must order the other two boxes soon. Any word on carriers and / or battle cruisers for the Xelocians?
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