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  1. I agree that in terms of realism the whole concept of medical and repair ships doesn't make much sense. Sure, they would exists, but they would not have any meaningful impact within the short time span of a battle. They would hang around in the back and patch things up after the battle. They also could become targets during the battle and valuable objectives worth defending, but I can't see the thematic sense in them repairing/restaffing ships during a battle to such an extent that it should matter in the game. BUT Let's not forget that FSA is a game and like all games it is just an abstraction of more complex systems. And from a game design point I really like the idea of these highly specialized ships. They just add more tools to the toolbox for both the designers and the players. I think they have the potential to make fleetbuilding more interesting and they can also be used for custom scenarios (escort medical convois?), so I will welcome them in my fleets.
  2. As the current rules are a free download an upcoming 3rd edition should not stop you. And even if nothing new would be released for this game ever again it would still be a very solid offering. Get two Patrol fleets, download the available resources and start reading. Or get the 2-player starter, which is a good value. Or you also could get one of the Taskforce starters, if you do not want to spend so much money. This would provide you with another ruleset ,which many here are not happy with but I think it still is a good system (except for the damage chart) and as the FSA rule are available for download, these affordable boxes will provide you with two small fleets you can use to learn the rules with.
  3. Wanjajoral

    Model size?

    You can also check the Taskforce starter boxes - maybe they would be a better deal (money wise), but I am not sure of that...
  4. Wanjajoral

    Model size?

    I second Ryjaks assessment - the Tier 3 ships will work well size wise. Take a look e.g. at the Veydreth corvettes - I think they would work very well as space fighters. Others, like the Directorate or Aquan frigates might be a tad too flat, but without having the direct comparison with the X-Wing models I can't tell you for sure.
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