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  1. @Seph I like to keep it around RB 3 and use bombers then come in later and pump out the damage. I am not a fan of the other massive ships because the Moskva (too expensive) or the Kostroma (can't do anything but launch planes) so the only other massive is the Dudinka.
  2. I like using mortars and from what I have read a lot of people love them but can be really nasty if used in mass so watch out for losing friends . I still play kinda like the old Russian style with a wall of ice with spotters and indirect fire. Our main guns tend to be out shined by our mortars in my book because they hit everything under a 2" template.
  3. On a slight side note my favorite naval models to use are the Dudinka, Khatanga (Borodino is a close runner up), Tiksi, Chany in a full group, Novgorod, and Kazimov if I am feeling suicide (I use them to jam my opponent). I have yet to use the new battleship so I didn't list it but I like the looks of the MK1 over the MK2. For air I like Tunguska (every time I can), Krichev and Suyetka (not just because they are the only one but I like they are a great small or medium killer). I have not done anything with land so can't help you there besides the besides the Svarog and I much prefer him with the guns. If a group is doing a big robot fight scenario where you each have to take your dreadbot you will probably want the axes.
  4. From my understanding you are correct in how you use the glacier generator. For the list I would recommend swapping the carrier to the Dudinka with the glacier generator. because for losing 3 planes you gain the ability to do stuff besides just launching planes. I personally have had good luck with the Dudinka so that is my two cents.
  5. @varnos do you know when the update happened? I checked with the one I downloaded back on Feb 24 and they are the same as now. Edit: The download website says they haven't been updated Feb 6th.
  6. @Pugwash Did you make those bases with the details on the back or buy them somewhere?
  7. Also you can cheat and get a rug that looks like the ocean like one of my friends did,
  8. I have yet to do this due to lack of time so take this idea with a grail of salt. I had the idea of taking an office mat (goes under rolling chairs) for hard floors because they can generally be rolled up. Paint the bottom with a blue / green and then make the waves on the top so you have a 3D gaming mat. You also can get these floor mats in just about any size from 2 feet x 2 feet all the way up to 6 feet x 6 feet.
  9. I got a dark (like yours) Russian Khatanga a year or 2 ago. It looks like it is just a swap in the resin die because I have noticed any changes besides the color.
  10. @BwanaJoe Even in huge games I would not go over 4 (maybe 5 in some cases) feet deep because your arms can't reach. Even in Apocalypse (Warhammer 40k huge game) we try to never have a section of table deeper that 4 feet.
  11. @Sebenko I was told by the end of the month they should be shipped. I shot them an email asking the same thing and that was what I was told.
  12. How effective do you really think it will be? I bet it would be fun but you would probably have some major problems vs some enemies.
  13. Spartan Mike is it too late to be a late backer? I sent an email to the backer's email account with what I wanted to get, was there anything else I need to do if it is not too late?
  14. New cards? This is the first I heard about them.
  15. I'm looking forward to seeing a grudge match. Where did you find the TFT stands?
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