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  1. Personally for me, it is the lack of community presence even though I have some game shops in the vicinity of where I live. I am not sure if it is just my local community's taste preference (for playing non-spaceship games) or simply lack of store support.
  2. I'm pretty sure some of you guys have seen this in other forums. I'd like to increase the sample size of responses as I find this an interesting topic of discussion! What are the challenges you feel strongly on in this beloved hobby of ours? - Is it cost related? - Perhaps it is the lack of locations to play? - No community presence albeit store availability? - Time investment required? - Other reasons? Gamers, Hobbyist and Brick & Mortar Owners are welcome to answer this question. I am very interested to know this and I would also take this opportunity to voice out your thoughts because I know game companies like Spartan Games reads stuffs like these. Chances are, they might even address it!!
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