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  1. In Armoured Clash, Ack Ack works as shield dice against boarders, and terrain provides shield dice against incoming fire. Good work on he quick response there.
  2. A thought, regarding Armoured Clash. It would be useful to be able to change the shield dice colour, for things like cover, Ack Ack, etc. Just a thought. Otherwise, marvellous job.
  3. pivole


    As far as I'm aware, as long as everything's in base contact, anything goes. And yeah, I was a bit wary about that reduced frontage point, I know I won't use it
  4. pivole

    Australian Air

    Do the turrets come on a pin, like most of them, or flat like FSA ones? Anyhoo, very nice.
  5. About as well as a resin airship. What's to lose? Except money and credibility...
  6. pivole


    Keep them behind the armoured wall. The trick is to get them into battle using the armoured wall of Kamchatkas and, I think, Tikhvins. The Orlov's target jammer should keep away aerial and sideways spotters, and maybe a couple of Saransks to keep out the flies at close range. Remember they're a small target as well, and using two dice per base gives you half the frontage to hide.
  7. If you haven't contacted spartan about that, do so. They're good about missing bits, normally. I can't remember which one's responsible, but it's easy enough to guess.
  8. Very good work! It's always good to see more armoured photos.
  9. Ah, ok. I couldnt seem to spot any. I'll search again. Edit: Found it. Maybe if it were moved to 'generic' rather than 'alliance nations'. Not exactly the first place I'd think to look. I only found it by the search bar.
  10. I was thinking they'd go well along a defensive line, or other such structure.
  11. In general, yes, I think. KoB seem to be medium ranged, and all about the big units keeping the others in the fight (icons and guardians and lysanders). Russians are short ranged, not that fast, and have some hellish armour on bigger things French seem to have defensive lines and a few strike units America have their speed and open arcs That's about as much as I can tell, haven't done anything with other factions.
  12. I'd quite like to see the bases from underneath the small robots available. For attaching my 2mm infantry to, and other such homebrews.
  13. It has a little tower for atop the generator, no game effects. And I agree. it don't half look odd.
  14. I'm by no means a good painter, so I just layer it up in the engines, using several different shades of the same colour, down from white. It's normally small enough that you don't notice the lines. Also, a thing learned from fusion technicians, a fusion reaction's near enough colourless in the middle due to the shear heat of it, but as you approach the borders, it becomes bluer, as it cools down and drops through the spectrum from UV towards blue. I don't really know how this applies to ion engines, but it applies to combustion, and it's a rule I use.
  15. I was just wondering how many people lay their fleets to not be one of the major/minor homelands? And if so, do you use any house rules for them? For example, is your Prussian land fleet actually from the Transvaal? Are your Brittanians actually East India remnants? Do you have a regiment of Switzers? My Russians, I play as the Finnish land forces. I was considering looking at house rules so as to give them small, but fearsome crews. So what about yours?
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