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  1. Thanks for this information, most of the heavy bombers I've seen have a CP available but this one does not.
  2. So I mistook his squadron support fighters to be Cap so when I jumped his heavy bomber with my fighters his squadron support should not have aided him on that attack(whereas a cap would have), they could have moved to dogfight me on their action though.
  3. Thanks for your response so to clarify you're saying that Speerschleuder bombs do not link in area bombardment, let's say he has a I think his point lies in the fact that the Adler has area bombardment and the unit says *Important Note: Speerschleuder Bomb Bays may only perform Firing Actions with other Speerscheluder Bomb Bays, and may NOT perform Firing Actions with the Fore Tesla or Heavy Speerscheluder.* Under firing options (pg 63 digital pdf) linked fire is the second option. I just talked to him again and he's using the Donner Squadron and trying to link the Zerstörer Strike Bomber bomb bays (which are concentrated bombs I believe) with the Adler Heavy Bomber which has area bombardment.. Also, I re-read the CP detaching rules and see how I misread the bullet point, so we played it right. I just wanted to make sure that I did not misplay the CAP and cheat my opponent.
  4. Thanks for the reply but for your answer to Q3 how are you getting 5AD for the CAP? My guess is that the 3 plane CAP would have 6 AA divided in half since its linked plus 2AA for swarm tactics?
  5. Question about bombs I was recently playing a game where I (blazing sun) used my heavy bomber to perform an Area Bombardment on some Russian cruisers. After the game a Prussian player came over and we started talking about the heavy bombers and how his always died before they could ever deliver their linked area bombardment tesla bombs. I was confused and asked him if he meant tesla concentrated bombs and he said no it was area bombardment. My confusion is that concentrated bombs allow the use of linking but area bombardment mentions that firing option is unavailable. Is this a case of a specific rule (tesla bombs linking) overriding a generic rule? One further question about the heavy bombers, it seems they would work best in the obscure height level but their CAP cannot fly at that level. So I assume you must split the Cap apart from the Parent (Heavy bomber) model and move them separately and rejoin them later when able (if you wanted)? Can a Heavy Bomber be deployed at the start of the game in the obscure height level if he has a Cap who is at the aerial height band? I assume they would need to start the game at the aerial height band and later split up.
  6. Trying to determine if we did the following interaction correctly or not. Opponent had a heavily damaged Russian heavy bomber with a Cap, I (Blazing Sun) had had a wing of five SAS fighters. On my activation I moved my fighters in base contact with his heavy bomber (I believe I only needed to get to within 4"). I targeted the bomber with my fighters and my fighters AA plus swarm tactics for a 12 dice attack vs his return fire of 1 AA from the bomber linked to the 6 AA from the CAP. Questions below: Can I target his bomber or do I need to clear the cap first? If I can target the the Bomber do I get swarm tactics or should it only have been 10 AA? The bomber was the target should his AA return fire been 7 AA or 4 AA 1 plus half of the CAP AA? Thanks
  7. We have a group that plays in Ocala, we normally get together on Saturday night and play different games. This Saturday we are having a cookout while playing multiple 850 games on Saturday. The group has a calendar on it's webpage that explains what we are doing http://www.ocalagarrison.org/ The group is nailing down some scenario rules for Antares, they will be running at Recon in April. If you have any questions you can reach me at cjp7505@gmail.com
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